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BBS-ISL_Matrix_Flow from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

The BBS-ISL Matrix:

The single most important concept to take from here is that not only is ST not rigid and static...indeed it is more like a fluid made of light, each quanta of which flashes on and off...pulse-propagates into and out of existence...at a frequency (and wavelength) according to its energy...and this fluid light ST unit resonates off a wave of energy at the peak of each pulse-flash...that wave, like a pond ripple, fans out to infinity (or the edge of the Universe...which ever comes first) where it is absorbed back into the sub-Planck event horizon (Singularity) to fuel the next round...communicating...passing on information...as to the location source and energy density...the amount and degree of its presence...its curvature...to every other ST unit throughout the Universe(s), BUT that the ST formation and curvature information propagation is informed, dictated and quantified by the matrix of BBS and the ISL...the bean counters par excellence!

And if that is not enough to fully float your boat, toss in the fractal. Yes the Fractal Universe. The whole pulse-propagating, BBS-ISL dependent, boson ST unit...a.k.a. curved ST...is a reiterative, self-similar fractal manifestation of the perfectly recyclable Universe.


It has to be accountable...and it is. Think about it. If the force of gravity(G) and the force of electromagnetism (EM) both occupy the same ST...as do all the forces and energies of Nature...and all follow the dictates of the ISL, then "The Architecture Of SpaceTime" itself must be inherently defined...and thus designed...upon the dictates of the ISL.

Gravity and EM do not sit above...on top of...the ST matrix. No, they operate within and are intimately associated with that very same liquid ST described.

As the forces and energies co-exist within the “context” of the ST matrix, they must...while always ultimately satisfying the Conservation Laws (energy, mass-energy, charge, momentum(s), velocity of light, and ST)...be able to communicate the information of their existence (past, present and future) at all times to every part of the ST matrix.

That information is the quantity and position (and the nature or type of energy...which ultimately distills back down to its energy signature...a result of its frequency, wavelength, mass, charge, and spin symmetries).

That information, quantified as it is, becomes dispersed...diluted...as the distance from the source is increased. It is convenient to represent this dilution digitally as discrete stair-case steps as shown in the BBS-ISL matrix grid.

Much has been made of recent popularizations of Einstein’s statement that the distinction between past, present and future is an illusion. Einstein’s statement underlined the discrepancies...individual biases that failed to account for the overall energy densities (including factors of speed, acceleration and the gravitational intensities) of the observer and observed. One persons’ past is another’s present...and so on.

Indeed, the modern popular extension is that not only is the distinction of past, present and future an illusion, it is literally absurd in that the history of all people, all particles, all things are permanently frozen in ST...like frames in a movie reel...and one could theoretically revisit them.

Not sure about the revisiting, but the pulse-propagation wave-ripple history of every ST unit is present in...indeed it forms...the larger ST matrix...and where you, the observer are, will determine if you are experiencing the past, present and/or future of that ST unit.

It’s not that these ripples of ST waves formed from the pulse-propagation of the ST unit are in any way frozen in ST...they most certainly are NOT...rather, it is that the ST unit itself, and its wave pulses, are both in constant motion, communicating their energy presence to every other ST unit.

The dynamic interaction of multiple pulse-propagating ST units generates interference patterns that profoundly affect the presence and disposition of all other ST units...including those with mass.

A past, present and future is...despite the movement...always revealed, but never fixed.

Revealed in that the present signature footprint of any ST phenomena is the result of that multi-source interference at that moment...whose ripple path (past) can be traced step-by-step back to each of the pulse-propagating ST units forming it, and forward to the next wave of interference effects, as each of the ST wave ripples pass through each other and expand outward.

The BBS-ISL Matrix evolved from the original L.U.F.E. (The Layman's Unified Field Exposé, 1985) and The LUFE Matrix that came as a distillation of core concepts. Please see the following index link for white papers, new media net. art, and ebooks (mostly free):

Enjoy the numbness!

Thanks for viewing!

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