CaCoST — Creation and Conservation of SpaceTime

DSEQEC (Part I) SUMMARY or *"Where did all the antimatter go?"

Top 10 FAQ and their Answers

What? How are these two even related?

(Note: Based on earlier work as fully referenced at the bottom of this Section under "My References.")

CaCoST-DSEQEC from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

Q. Where is all the antimatter?

A. Right next to all the matter.




Q. Why can't we see it?

A. Ordinary matter exists (primarily) in Our View (OV). We can see and measure it directly. Antimatter exists (primarily) in the Alternate View (AV). We can not see it, only infer it by indirect measurements like the DSE and QE.




Q. What is the difference (∆) between the two?

A. Just as we've been taught: antimatter is matter with Equal And Opposite (EAO) charge and spin (spin angular momentum) direction.




Q. How does one characterize the two in their respective OV and AV SpaceTime (ST)?

A. Same form with EAO charge and EAO spin direction. Each quantum pulse-propagation (p-p) from the Singularity () — that dividing OV/AV — out into its view at and forming light speed (c)-based ST extension, and back to the .

All ST is formed from p-p of the virtual-pairs of ST units: one matter in OV and one antimatter in AV, most likely in an alternating sequence.

(Note: when you have an actual antimatter ST unit in OV, its virtual-pair partner is the EAO matter ST unit in the AV.)




Q. Does this virtual-pair p-p apply to all ST unit particles, and if so, can you explain?

A. Yes. Picture a line whose forward direction represents time. This is the . (The Planck Event Horizon [PEH] is the border interface of that line.) It actually contains ALL the energy, mass, momentum, charge and angular momentum of the Universe. The line is contiguous. It is a constant: neither created or destroyed.

The energy is the total field. The ST field.

All the other are parameters that define the expression of that ST energy field as it manifests itslef in quantum p-p as virtual-pairs, alternating EAO values first in OV, the AV, OV, AV,...

They do so in a manner in which whole discrete units of specific parameter expression — e.i., charge and spin — do so in discrete, quantum units of whole integer amounts (directly) or indirectly as simple ½, ⅓, ⅔ fractional amounts that add up to a net whole integer amount.

For example, electric charge is 1 WIN (Whole Integer Number), 2 WIN,... or, ⅓ + ⅔ = 1, or ⅔ - ⅓ - ⅓ = 0 WIN.

For example, spin, by mathematical convention, is in ½ "integral" amounts and may be +/- ½, or ½ + ½ = 1, or ½ + -½ = 0, or ½ + ½ + ½ + ½ = 2, or ½ + ½ + -½ + -½ = 0, the fermions having a net fractional spin ½ integral and the bosons a net 0, 1, 2 whole integer number.

The point is, that whatever the matter ST unit has, its antimatter virtual-pair partner will always have exactly the EAO entangled values.

(Note: think of charge as so much up/down relative to the line and spin as so much rotation at the 90° horizontal position to the charge vector.)




Q. Can you give a little more of an actual example, please?

A. The Higgs Boson (), in its purest form, is really the massless, chargeless, and spin-less ST unit/field that is parent to ALL ST units. It is composed of the two EAO virtual-pairs in OV/AV.

The first child is the photon (𝛾). Two EAO photons together make the .



(Note: interestingly — for future reference — two Not Equal And Opposite photons, i.e., two Equal And Same-spin photons in OV, will temporarily combine as gravitons[𝓖] as the two constructively interfere with each other. Temporary, in the sense that their point of interference is not static, but travels as in any ordinary wave-interference pattern, away from its source, following the Inverse Square Law [ISL].

The 𝓖 is actually the epitome of the wave-particle duality in that it really is a cross-wave interference expression that can collapse to its 2-photon wave-particle ST unit constituents.

The 𝓖 is also directly related — an even derived from — the in that 2-Higgs, composed of four photon spin-1 states, can reconfigure such that the 4 sets of spin recombine into two sets of EQUAL spin, i.e, spin 2 gravitons: as c+cc and cc+c reconfigure to c+c and cc+cc as shown in the image below.)










The photon (𝛾), itself a boson, gives birth to ALL other ST units — as can the — by deconstructing (i.e., re-arranging) its charge and spin vectors to form ST units with mass. Mass being a parameter expression in which some form of asymmetry results in the ST unit now unable to generate full lightspeed ST extension with each p-p.

In other words, it partly spins on itself and in doing so it is less than lightspeed extension gives what we measure as mass, e.i., the 𝛾 forms an electron/positron or positron/electron (e+/e-) virtual-pair with EAO charge (+1/-1), and, EAO spin vector (e+~R~/e-L or e+~L~/e-R). Each having lost the near perfect symmetry of the 𝛾 (spin 1, charge 0, mass 0), now express mass.



Q. Where does the ISL come in to play?

A. Everywhere! ALL energy — all influence — dissipates from its source inverse squarely with distance.

Those gravitons (𝓖) mentioned earlier, dissipate as an expanding sphere of ST curvature — a diminishing ST curvature as the area (surface) of constructive interference quadruples in size for every doubling of the distance from the source, while the actual number of interfering nodes remains constant.

Because the Conservation of Energy ultimately dictates the virtual-pair expression, we effectively have a Conservation of SpaceTime (ST) in effect. The must ultimately know and balance ALL ST curvature back to its constant — be it "0" or "1" depending on how you like to look at it.

Therefore, it is precluded that the ISL drives the amount and balance of ST curvature.


ST curvature so dilute that it effectively scores as negative will have an expansive, anti-gravity expression, a.k.a. Dark Energy.



Intense, concentrated ST curvature the opposite: dense constructive interference will express as Dark Matter upon the surrounding masses.

Thus Dark Energy = Dark Matter/the inverse of. The Conservation of ST is maintained.



(Note: The Sun's corona represents a local high-ST curvature-Dark Matter effect. The intense concentration of constructive interference results in a temperature expression of millions of degrees versus that of the actual surface of the sun at 5-6000 degrees C. See the final Summary.)


(Note: In 2008, "The Conservation of SpaceTime~ The role of the Higgs, graviton and photon bosons in defining Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of) in the fractal Universe ~" white paper presented in great detail much of what we are presenting here.

This was built on the 2003 "Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of): The Conservation of Spacetime by The Conservation of Force.

The History of the Universe in Scalar Graphics and The History of the Universe - update - The Big Void round out this early series, presenting a consolidated image and summary view. Well worth a read!


The History of the Universe in Scaler Graphics

The BIM was discovered and published in 2009, adding the underlying mathematical foundation and validation of the ST concepts put forth then, and now! Dynamic ST has wave-particle interference manifestations that directly accounts for the current "mystery" of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. One simply must look in the right spot(s) to see the ripples!)

Here is an exerpt from "Dark-Dark-Light: Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of:"

Similar to the real world irony, here too, smaller size (area) represents a greater focus of energy. Thus the smaller the λ = the greater the energy, as shown earlier,

E = pc = hc/λ .

Therefore, smaller areas in the rectangle represent greater concentration of energy. And because all energy is gravitationally active, in that higher energy area (higher than boring spacetime energy of 1 · 1 units) the gravitational acceleration is relatively enhanced. Opposite to this are the lower energy areas (again lower than the ideal, boring spacetime energy), where the spacetime energy density is so relatively unattractive that it appears to be repulsive when viewed from the higher energy position. Those smaller rectangles will be progressively more attractive the smaller they get and vice versa.

Effectively, this describes a force in general, and here, the gravitational force in particular. Geometrically, the higher spacetime curvature of the higher mass-energy density gravitationally attracts all other energy to itself. The concentration of h units here, at higher frequencies than their surrounding spacetime, ST, leads to a net attractive force here.

Because dividing up the symmetrical 25 unit2 Total Energy, ET, Rectangle "B" (or "A") into an asymmetrical, weighted Rectangle "C", still at E T = 25 units2, the lighter, airy portion in the upper right of Rectangle "C" is equal and opposite to the heavy, denser portion in the lower left.

Equal and opposite to what? Equal and opposite in force, F. Conservation of Force. The degree, or amount of F that is gravitationally attractive, relative to boring old ideal ST of 1 · 1 = 1 unit2, is equal, and opposite, to the amount of F that is less attractive (i.e. repulsive) relative to that same boring ST.

Fattraction = Frepulsion (Conservation of Force)

Picture a cross-section through the ST continuum where the curvature of ST is represented by vertical lines. In the middle, which also would represent ideal, boring ST the lines would be perfectly vertical and evenly spaced. Towards the increasing mass-energy density on our left, the lines would increasingly curve towards the left as the spacing between the lines also decreases in progression, depicting what effectively becomes the gravitationally positive "missing mass", or dark matter. Towards the right where the mass-energy density progressively thins out, the vertical lines become spaced further and further apart, and, become increasingly curved to the right, depicting what effectively becomes the negative or antigravity of the dark energy. The image is not far removed from the common image of iron filings in the presence of the opposite poles of a magnet, i.e. a magnetic field.

Expansion and contraction are relative concepts…because of the relativity of ST. If ST consists of all the Planck h units and all the Planck h units times all their frequencies of presentation equals a constant Total Energy, ET, then there can be no net expansion or contraction of the universe…only that of one occurs at the expense of the other. The more contraction force is expressed here, the more the expansion force is expressed there. E = will not allow it any other way. The universe…and ST…is expanding at an accelerated rate if viewed from a relatively high ST contraction position.

It is very helpful to think of ST as space/time, or simply as distance (displacement) per unit of time (or frequency):

λ /t = λ ν .

All ST manifests itself as mass or mass-energy (matter or fields). All ST exists as pulses, at a given frequency related to their energy, of Planck's unit of h, and the energy of any such ST existence is

E = .

Mass, as matter, represents an asymmetry in a given ST parameter (an attribute which generally limits its mobility, but also provides for net expressions of the charge vector, whether +, -, or 0; and, the spin, or intrinsic angular momentum, vector).

Mass-energy, as a field, represents the relatively symmetrical expression of the ST (an attribute which allows for its lack of mass, lightspeed mobility, neutrality of the charge vector, and gauge boson behavior, i.e. the spin vector is always paired, resulting in only net integral spins of 0, 1 or 2). It is relatively symmetrical, and not absolutely symmetrical. The Higgs Boson represents the absolute symmetry, the progenitor of the ST field. Breaking the symmetry of the Higgs Boson generates the relatively symmetrical ST field mentioned above, which can itself form, through further symmetry breaking, the matter field, a.k.a. the mass expression.

This relatively symmetrical ST field mimics in every way the massless, chargeless, spin = 1 photon, whose λ and ν are always reciprocally related to insure that

c = λ ν ,

the velocity of light, equals the fundamental constant of nature.

In 2012-13, "LightspeedST" was published, bringing together in a single work all of the previous 30 years. Both as a freely available web project and as an ebook. Here is a movie from a page excerpt: "LightSpeed = ST: The Movie Script" (navigate to The Movie Script>Plot>Simplification>6) or this Vimeo summary movie below.

LightspeedST: The Movie (short) from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo. A full-length version is also on Vimeo.


Q. What is the BIM?

A. The BIM (BBS-ISL Matrix = Brooks Base Square-Inverse Square Law Matrix) describes the ISL in a simple fashion using nothing but WINs.

With the Axis of 0, 1, 2, 3,... and the central Prime Diagonal (PD) of their squares, every BIM cell is simply the ∆ between the horizontal (Row) and vertical (Column) PD numbers.

Every BIM cell value is known, fixed, and expands to infinity.

The BIM enjoys a 90° bilateral symmetry. Combining both triangular sides gives one the perfect square areas (and their circles).BIM-3-4-5PPT+







Looking at just the Rows, one finds that dividing all cell values by 24 selects out ALL Active Rows: Rows of ODD numbers, not ➗3, that contain ALL the Primitive Pythagorean Triples (PPTs), as well as ALL (>2) PRIMES.


Q. What is the significance of ➗the BIM by 24?

A. There are 3 main number theory systems contained within the BIM. Each extends to infinity:

  1. ISL is synonymous with the BIM.
  2. The PTs are distributed throughout the BIM, the PPTs are ALWAYS on Active Rows.
  3. The PRIMES — while not on the strict Inner Grid — ALWAYS have Active Axis Rows, occupying the same, but not necessarily identical Active Rows.


BIM_24seq2-500(Note: TPISC_IV:_Details presents the BIM, Pythagorean Triples and Primes in great — wait for it — detail.)

Q. What is the significance of the PTs, especially the PPTs?

A. As the PTs are both ubiquitously and infinitely embedded within the BIM, they provide key structural framework nodes for the expanding, p-p ST unit.

Key in that the non-isosceles, 90° right-triangle PTs are present with 4 iterations for each PT on the BIM.

Not only do these asymmetrical triangles form rectangles (and ovals) versus squares (and circles) when combined in pairs, individually each of their triangular iterations may actually be representative of a quantum state number (parameter).

Horizontally, on a Row, the PT has a Left and Right (mirror) iteration, and the same — when rotated 90° — on its bilaterally symmetrical Vertical Column.

If we assign the spin vector to an iteration, we have 2 sets of EAO spin vectors for every PT. As the iterations are known — ubiquitously and infinitely — we have the basis of the DSEQEC.

(*From the Big Bang genesis, "inflation" was both the result of and the solution to potential annihilation — by separating and sequencing matter and antimatter — giving the initial birth of ST.)




The DSEQEC ~ One more time

The Quantum Mechanics that ultimately explains the Double-Slit Experiment (DSE, a.k.a. the wave-particle duality conundrum) must, ultimately, also explain and inform Quantum Entanglement (QE).


1st Level: The photon (𝛾) consists of EAO ST units whose mass, charge and spin vectors give a net mass 0, charge 0 and spin 1.


On a simplistic level, the 𝛾 splits into its EAO parts, each going through, in a synchronous fashion, one of the slits.

2nd Level: The photon — and ALL other ST units — is but a child of the Higgs Boson () and exists as part of a virtual-pair — part time in Our View (OV) and part in the Alternate View (AV), not entirely unlike an AC electric current, yet we only perceive OV (½ the time it is in OV< the other ½ in the AV with EAO parameters).

The , in its ideal, perfect field state, is really 2 EAO photons, so this is not that difficult to envision, only in this scenario, its EAO photon STs occupy two separate views — OV and AV — and most likely in a serial, time-separated manner, not unlike a sine wave.





3rd Level: The Higgs=photon+photon ST unit forms ST — and its accompanying velocity of light (c) parameters — with each pulse-propagation (p-p) from its Singularity () out past its Planck Event Horizon (PEH) into OV (and sequentially, alternatively and in syncronicity in AV).

This all occurs under the constraints and directives of the Inverse Square Law (ISL), as portrayed on the BIM (BBS-ISL Matrix).

The BIM is bilaterally symmetric with ½ mirror reflected 90° to the other, divided by the Prime Diagonal (PD).



4th Level: Within the BIM, ALL possible Pythagorean Triples (PTs) are present and manifest their non-isosceles, 90° right-triangle direction-vector-specific presence — and automatically, the mirror of that and the 90° mirror symmetry of both — giving 4 iterations for each PT.





5th Level: If we let the vector-specific-direction of the 4 PT triangle presentations present the respective horizontal and vertical spin axis of the individual 𝛾 ST, we can account for ALL possible manifestations at any moment in time over any extension in space as the 𝛾 ST unit is itself the unfolding, expansion of the BIM.

For example using the 3-4-5 PPT and letting the short side "a" — or, if you prefer, simply the "outward" area projection from the hypotenuse — represent the spin angular momentum vector (spin) on the horizontal plane. Turn it 90° to represent it — with the other two PT representations — on the vertical plane.

Thus 2-L's and 2 R's.


6th Level: The superposition of both spin states — spin ½L and spin ½R — is present simultaneously as two virtual states, but only one state is revealed upon measurement in OV — instantaneously, simultaneously and without transferring any information — the other EAO spin state is revealed in the AV.

Likewise, two entangled photons — with EAO spin states — do exactly the same thing, in effect 4 spin states are effected anytime any 1 spin state is measured.






7th Level: Important to notice is the maintenance of symmetry in service to the overall Conservation Laws: Conservation of Spin Angular Momentum, Conservation of Charge, Conservation of Energy and, of course, Conservation of ST.

8th Level: The Higgs Boson () represents the perfect symmetry — and Conservation — of ST. composed of 2 EAO entangled photons.

Let's say that again: The Higgs Boson = the state of 2 EAO entangled photons (𝛾E).

The Higgs Boson, in its ideal, perfect field state, is simply two EAO entangled photons.

(The Higgs in the transformative state of composing other ST units, will, of course, have various masses. )

When deconstructed into its 2 "independent" photons in OV, it simultaneously reflects as and EAO photon if AV.


9th Level: In other words, every photon (𝛾) comes as a virtual-pair, entangled set — ½ in OV, ½ in AV — together forming the Higgs ().

When two real OV photons are entangled (EAO) in real time OV, there are, indeed, 2 sets = 4 entangled photons = 2 Higgs Bosons. One in OV, the other in AV.

(Note: not to be confused with the graviton (𝓖), that is simply the constructive interference of two similar — Not EAO — photons, i.e.. 2 clockwise-R photons or 2-counterclockwise-L photons: 𝛾R + 𝛾R = 𝓖R and 𝛾L + 𝛾L = 𝓖L as spin 1 + spin 1 = spin 2 of the 𝓖.

Naturally, two EAO gravitons will form 2 Higgs Bosons: 𝓖R + 𝓖L = as spin 2c + spin 2cc = spin 0


CaCoST-8CaCoST-8b )


Thus, even a single, real OV photon can demonstrate interference in the DSE.

10th Level: Everything about the —>𝛾 + 𝛾 virtual-pair scenario is true for ALL ST units from leptons - baryons, fermions - bosons, matter - antimatter.

—>𝛾 + 𝛾 —>Matter + Antimatter as described in the 1st Level.

The electron (e-)—positron (e+) are the virtual-pair components of the photon, directly, and the , indirectly.



The quark-based hadrons — mesons and baryons — are likewise virtual-pair components of the 𝛾 and/or .


When you "see" (measure) a real OV e-, it acts like a hole — a void —in ST awaiting to be filled with a positive charge ST unit. The e- represents so much integral *"down-ness" (↓) as opposed to the *"up-ness" (↑) of the + ST unit.

(*Relative to their Singularity and PEH. Diagrammatic convention places ↑ at the top, ↓ at the bottom.)

As a virtual pair, both ↓ and ↑ are always together — only one is expressed in OV, the other to balance it in the AV.


DSEQEC-5Photon )

The exact same superposition, synchronous entanglement and wave-particle double-slit expression found in the photon is present in all the children ST units.


So where has all the missing antimatter gone?

Well, it never left. It's where it has always been: as part of the inflation-driven virtual-pair — matter:antimatter — that ALL ST units express!


The key point is that Nature embodies the Universe with the harmony of the one by her Conservation Laws — Laws that by combining simple mathematical rules of counting (a.k.a. the ISL), her balance sheet ALWAYS — in the end — reflects symmetry.

The unfolding apparent asymmetry:

is given a resultant symmetry by the entangled generation of SpaceTime(ST). A ST that is conserved.


sequentially, over ST Inflation, separates the entangled


EAO, alternating entangled virtual-pairs whose internal frameworks of asymmetrical (contributed by the PTs), slows down and concentrates parts of the ST field into coalescing, entangled particles that pull part of the expansion back home to the common Ⓢ that balances the accounting ledger sheet, giving

We just happen to only "see" one side of the OV/AV coin!



DSEQEC: One last look at just the photon.




The time component will always ensure that the EAO spin is accounted for!


(Note: the "Inflation" expansion of the Big Bang — separating Matter - Antimatter — generates an EAO chiral spin of sequential, interlocking, double-helical spiral. This large scale structure is itself but a fractal re-iteration of the ST units.)


AFPOP Intro-animation:A Fresh Piece of Pi(e) ... and the √2, too ... Fractal - Fractal - Fractal from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

see: A Fresh Piece of Pi



*Have you ever wondered why that area between the sun's surface photosphere (~5000° C) and its corona (~1-10 M° C) is not hotter, indeed it is actually cooler than the surface?

Think of the corona as "Soft Hair," a term coined in Stephen Hawking's, et al, last published paper:* Black Hole Entropy and Soft Hair, as an accumulation of photons that are gradually released (along with their ST information) away from the outer surface of a black hole event horizon. Only here there is no black hole as the mass of the sun is too small. Yet there is this huge accumulation of photons at some distance from the sun's surface. Much less so in the chromosphere area between. How so?

(*Black holes and soft hair: why Stephen Hawking's final work is important and Stephen Hawking's final scientific paper released)


The broad spectrum photons radiating out from the thermonuclear core (15 M° C) of the sun generate a harmonic wave band that forms the corona. Here the massive battle of constructive vs. destructive wave interference favors the former. A dense band of constructively interfering photons forms this 1st harmonic. Many of the photons will have matching coherent spin1 vectors, forming gravitons in the process.

The gravitons — representing local high curvature ST, i.e., Dark Matter — will gravitationally attract and curve and effectively "slow down" other photons within this "temporary" photon "soft hair" accretion disk.

Some of the interfering photons — and some of the ensuing interfering graviton waves — will destructively interact — opposite spin 1 vectors — to generate Higgs Bosons. The Higgs Boson field (spin 0) inherently favors ST expansion: witness the singularity of the Big Bang and the multiple singularities of the individual p-p ST units.

One may visualize a number of harmonic interference bands radiating out from a "point source"— accumulated mass — giving rise to "structural nodes" along the way. The corona is one. The formation and distribution of the planets, et al, within the Solar System is yet another.

The accretion and consolidation of smaller bits of mass-energy into preferential orbits about a central "point source" would be a natural consequence of these photon-graviton-Higgs resonance bands.

After firmly establishing a deep connection between Pythagorean Triples (and PRIMES) with the BIM-depicted Inverse Square Law, we have ventured back out to the world of quantum physics — or should we say quantum relativity physics. What have we put forward that might meaningfully inform our world?

In LightspeedST, we showed that nothing can physically travel faster than the speed of light precisely because the photon — the basic ST unit that p-p into and out of existence forming a single quantum of ST — is itself composed of and generates 1 unit of lightspeed ST with each pulse.

Decoupling the ideal Higgs Boson field ST unit gives the photon, and from further decoupling, all the other ST units downstream.

Re-coupling two coherent, like-minded, similar spin 1 photons generates the graviton (spin 2). This ellusive ST unit — that must be absolutely inundating the Universe — is really just the temporary constructive interference of two coherent superimposed photon ST unit waves at the moving point of their crossing.

As in all wave interferences, opposite spins interacting will neutralize the gravitational contracting action in favor of the ST expansion of the newly formed Higgs.

This +, -, 0 wave interference of photon ST units has many, many consequences, and dare we say, that — along with the accompanying BIM — gives insights, if not downright clarifications of a number of fascinating, yet heretofore, inexplicable physical phenomena.

To be complete, we must re-introduce (Dark Matter = Dark Energy

(the inverse of); The History of the Universe in Scalar Graphics; The History of the Universe - update - The Big Void; and, The Conservation of SpaceTime) the Our View (OV), Alternative View (AV), and the role of how symmetry, matter-antimatter, inflation, singularity, Planck Event Horizon, etc., fit into the p-p of the ST field and units.

We thus have:

  1. BIM — the information
  1. P-P — the structure
  2. Symmetry — the mechanism.


  1. The BIM — along with the PTs and PRIMES — provides the information on how ALL ST will be informed: the rate of and relationship to all expansion of ST. Key structural nodes — representing quantum number states — are ubiquitously embedded within the expanding BIM.

  2. The underlying quantum is the photon ST unit, created and always expressing the constant, ultimate and maximum velocity of light expression (gauge bosons) that every subsequently derived ST unit with mass will necessarily be moving at less than light speed (i.e., fermions and other bosons).

    The +, -, 0 wave interference effects are precisely the guiding dictates — along with the dictates of 1. and 2. — informing the physical manifestations of both the seen and unseen (Dark Matter, Dark Energy, as well as the phenomena underlying the wave-particle duality of the Double-Slit Experiment and Quantum Entanglement, DSEQEC) Universe.

  3. The symmetry — that which informs the Conservation of Energy, the Conservation of Momentum and Angular Momentum, the Conservation of Charge, the Conservation of the Velocity of Light, and ultimately, all in service to the Conservation of ST — divides the Universe — or should we say Cosmos — into polemic parts whose equal part ratios ultimately demand a separation — a far from equilibrium separation — precisely such that the dynamics may unfold at these edges (OV-AV) in the drive to re-establish the equilibrium and a return to the ultimate neutral, perfect symmetry state of the ideal Higgs Boson ST field/particle.


This model addresses several outstanding issues:

Big Bang : The Singularity, or 0 or 1 (depending on your intial state reference preference) = ideal Higgs Boson ST field/particle of spin 0, mass 0, charge 0. Because ST expansion of the Singularity — Higgs — is inherently built into this perfect symmetry, we must conclude and invoke that such a spin 0, mass 0, charge 0 state is, however temporary, expansive. The same holds true for the individual Singularities of the individual p-p ST units.


Quantum : The Big Bang is the 1st quantum. It quickly decomposes into its fractal quantum units, each p-p into and out of existence at lightspeed from the Higgs Boson field. c=𝛾ⱱ


ST Units : The ST units — all derived from the photon (itself derived from the Higgs) — all p-p into and out of existence as aggregates of quarks and leptons. A photonic ST field — like a ripple in a pond — is generated with each pulse and continues to expansively pulse-propagate outward until it is neutralized by interference effects along the way.

The builtin symmetry of the massless gauge boson ST units allows them to travel 1 full quantum of spatial extension with each pulse frequency expression (lightspeed), while the other less-symmetrical ST units spend part of their ST p-p within their own spatial expression with each pulse (sub-lightspeed).

The ubiquitous information of the BIM/PTs/PRIMES is present and guides every p-p from its birth at the Singularity (Higgs) out past its Planck Event Horizon and on out to every possible ST extension throughout its possible expansion paths throughout the Universe. This information is encoded within the ST p-p and it never needs to be communicated or propagated — as per any carrier, particle or pilot-wave — to any such expansion as the information is "always known" — from the beginning to the end of each and every ST unit p-p. This becomes critical to our understanding of everything!


Inflation : Both the 1st quantum-Big Bang and all subsequent, subset quantum ST units p-p, expand outward at c=𝛾ⱱ. This builtin fractal expansion relationship defines the very existence of our Universe. Without so much spatial extension over so much temporal periodicity we have no ST and thus no Cosmos.

Inflation separates, i.e., pushes the ST units into far-from equilibrium status such that a re-organization into seen-unseen, OV-AV, matter-antimatter domains both prevents the senseless, chaotic annihilation of opposites — even if they are to repeat their expansion — and allows a very measured, controlled, ordered and fully accountable return to their neutral, perfect symmetry Singularity-Higgs state while maintaining the balance sheets of equal and opposites the Conservation Laws require. Inflation allows and drives the Creation and Conservation of SpaceTime (CaCoST) to exist.

As noted above, the inherent ST expansion force of the Singularity-Higgs underlies this inflation.


Entanglement : Without a doubt, in some sense, the entire Universe — every ST unit and field — is entangled. The BIM ensures that. Every ST unit — whether generated in OV as two real, Equal And Opposite (EAO) entangled ST units or as part of the virtual-pair — one member in OV, the other in AV — that every ST unit has upon its p-p, is entangled in several or more ways. This has to be! How else would Nature be able to account for and maintain the symmetry of the Conservation Laws?


Interference : (wave-particle duality, Double-Slit Experiment, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, gravitons, quantum gravity,...)


Matter - Antimatter : In quantum #1, the Big Bang, inflation — a natural consequence of the HIggs Boson ST field expansion — obviated annihilation by the separation of matter and antimatter ST into EAO domains. The former as Our View (OV) that take our privileged view as "reality," and the Alternate View (AV), were all the EAO antimatter hangs out in the "unseen" view.

Between the two, and the source and balancing factor of both, is the Singularity-Higgs field. Upon collapse it is the "one," the only one, the "zero" from which all ST expression — all energy — all fields and particles — arises. Each individual p-p ST unit is but a local fractal component of the larger global hologram.

The individual, fractal ST unit itself is composed ot two domains as well — OV and AV. EAO. The L-shaped and I-shaped quarks are all consistently modeled giving rise to their net quantum state expressions of spin, mass and charge. Every ST unit ("particle") is accounted for. (Please see LightspeedST.)


Symmetry : A=B. A is not B. A=EAO B.

Break and re-combine symmetries informs it all.

The tension — the asymmetrical imbalance — of far from equilibrium (pure symmetry) that gives rise to the dynamics of ST expression only exists to resolve to the apparently neutral, equilibrium threshold of perfect symmetry. The real mystery of the Cosmos is whether pure, perfect symmetry is anything other than an ideal, a portal, a perfect interference — and a temporary one at that!

EP = EPR :

Open letter addressing the "ER=EPR" work of Leonard Susskind, Juan Maldacena, and Mark Van Raamsdonk, …

The ER = EPR conjecture is a very interesting insight into the joining of quantum mechanics with quantum gravity through the geometry of spacetime.

What is needed is the other, complementary side that seals the deal: any entanglement of spacetime (ST) and ST units/particles, i.e. photons, gravitons, Higgs Bosons,… must reckon with:

  1. ST itself is formed in such a way that it obeys the Inverse Square Law (ISL), is always consistent with the Conservation of Energy, and its very formation must be one and the same with the formation of its progeny ST units and the built-in velocity of light, c;
  2. ST itself, and thus its ST progeny, must be conserved;
  3. ST itself, and thus it ST progeny, must be fully accountable for all intricacies of the Double-Slit Experiment.

One can satisfy all three constraints by allowing ST to be pulse-propagated from its singularity (S) into and back out of our ordinary view, forming the photon with its built-in velocity, c, with each pulse. A graviton is nothing more than the positive interference of two similar-spin photons, while the Higgs Boson, in the pure state, is two photons with opposite-spins interfering. The Higgs, of course, gains mass as it decouples into ST units with 1/2 spin, be it quarks or electrons-neutrinos, or their composites. Note that one could start with the Higgs and decouple, first to the photon and thereafter to its progeny. (LightspeedST)

Key to the ordered formation of ST is the ISL....


Experimental verification : Despite our knowing how incredibly weak the gravitational force is, we nevertheless should be able to devise experimental verification of the CaCoST model.

Knowing that photons can transfer momentum while at the same time testing for the gravitational effects of constructively and destructively interfering photons, might one devise a setup up to null out the former while testing for the latter.

• A series of high density, high energy coherent, polarized (spin 1 vectors all pointing in the same direction) converged into a superposition state — a focus point —upon which lies a "target." The object is to show flicking the laser lights on locally curves the ST immediately surrounding the "target," causing it to deflect towards the light source (spin 1R + spin 1R or spin 1L + spin 1L — of two similar-spin photons giving rise to the graviton (spin 2)).

• A matched set of the same laser setup — only wtih 1/2 the photons polarized one way, the other 1/2 the other (Combining two EAO photons — spin 1R + spin 1L — gives rise through superposition subtraction to our expansion-loving Higgs Boson ST unit field (spin 0)). The "target" should be deflected away from the light sources.

• A hybrid of the two: move the later Higgs-generating laser setup to the opposite side of the "target." Repeat experiment with one, then the other, then both laser setups turned on. The "target" does not deflect. Some fine tuning will undoubtedly be required.




Final Thoughts

Even mathematically, Nature can be expressed in more than one way. While the view may change, Nature seems to prefer efficiency.

In order to satisfy the Conservation Laws — from the initial Conservation of SpaceTime to its outter flanks: Conservation of Momentum, Angular Momentum, Charge and, of course, Energy — that means an accounting system that is primarily "pay-as-you-go." Rather than balancing the entries across the expanse of the Universe at some distant point in time, it's much more expedient to balance the parts as you go.

When ST — and that includs all ST unit entities — is formed, its balance sheet requries both a matter and antimatter accounting. The Equal And Opposite (EAO) quantum state parameters — mass, charge and spin — that are parts of its energy expression, are accounted for right from the get go. A pairing — a virtual pairing is one way of looking at it — that is part and parcel of the very creation of ST.

The BIM itself informs that ST, and, if, as proposed, the 4 iterations of each PT within the BIM represent the quantum state numbers of any ST unit — and their information is ubiquitously known for every ST unit p-p — we now have great insights into the Creation and Conservation of SpaceTime (CaCoST).

Like the Big Bang itself, every little bang, p-p ST unit is but a fractal mimicking the process and accounting for the quantum as:

This is the CaCoST model!

Lastly, the hugely important finding that ALL PTs and ALL PRIMES ALWAYS fall on ONLY Active Rows — either side of BIM ÷24 Rows, and, the very same Rows algebraically described by Euler's Prime=6n =/-1 Theorem — is not to be dismissed as it points to yet another very deep relationship between The Pythagorean - Inverse Square Connection (TPISC), the "Details" of which we have laid out in this work!

The difference in the Squares of EVERY Active Row number — including ALL PTs and ALL PRIMES — is ALWAYS an even multiple of 24! This is built into the Prime Diagonal (PD) of the BIM itself!


CaCoST-DSEQEC with Hands representing "spin."

CaCoST_HANDS_DSEQEC from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

Every p-p unfolds a BIM grid where ALL info is known throughout its expansion. Letting the Pythagorean Triples (PTs) represent "spin" and their vector "direction" orientation (Left, L or Right, R), one finds 4 iterations of spin (2-L and 2-R) automatically built into the ISL matrix. Those 4 iterations are graphically represented as the opposing Arrow Circles. We have two simple possibilities: 1. The Equal And Opposite (EAO) "spin" values are simply those in the AV Antimatter; 2. Every ST unit actually reveals as a virtual-pair with both EAO "spin" values in BOTH the OV Matter AND the AV Antimatter. In #1, the single photon interferes (and entangles) with its EAO Antimatter partner. In #2, interference (and entanglement) occur in BOTH Matter and Antimatter domains. In Entanglement, we have 2 ST units — e.i. photons — created & sharing the same Quantum State numbers/parameters, i.e., "spin." Regardless of distance of separation, they ALWAYS maintain EAO "spin" values. Within the BIM, each PT has 4 iterations of its triangle simultaneously present. One can designate the short side "a" to be the "spin" vector direction. That means, there are 4 "spin" vector direction information-directions ALWAYS known. In either scenario #1 or #2, measuring the "spin" direction on one will always yield the EAO "spin" direction vector on the other photon. Scenario #1 — being simpler — gives an easier visualization of the process. Scenario #2 — where both the Matter & Antimatter photon are virtually present as pairs of EAO entities — gives a more complex, but perhaps closer to "reality" picture as here the "KNOWN" information of "spin" direction allows the photon to be in either-or/both "spin" directions at once, and coinciding with known results, the manner, method and actual act of measurement "selects" — at that moment — for a particular "spin" vector. If you orientate your test to select the "spin" state, it will automatically be mirrored to the information — and thus state — of the EAO entangled photon. There is no information transported, it is ALWAYS known! DSEQEC Every ST unit forms from the instruction set of the Inverse Square Law (BIM). The PTs provide the basis of the Quantum State Numbers/Parameters. Each PT has its 4-iterations of its triangle ubiquitously KNOWN for all ST. The formation of any & all ST units generates EAO Matter-Antimatter expressions. Both the Matter & Antimatter expressions are guided by the ISL of the BIM. Thus, any given ST unit —e.i., photon —is Entangled from the start, acting like a virtual-pair. The "spin" information —encoded in the BIM —is EAO in the Entangled pairs. The Double-Slit Experiment (DSE) exemplifies how a single photon can interfere with itself. Quantum Entanglement (QE) exemplifies how 2 entangled photons —born of and sharing the same quantum state — reveal how ALL ST units are formed as 2 Entangled, EAO Matter-Antimatter virtual-pairs, the INFORMATION of their QUANTUM STATE ALWAYS built right into their ST formation via the EAO iterations of the PTs within the expanding BIM. There is NO HIDDEN or TRANSFERRED INFORMATION. ALL INFORMATION IS ALWAYS KNOWN.


~~ ~~ ~~

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SEE Page 50 (Art Theory101: White Papers) for spreadsheets: BIM: How to Make.


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