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What if the photon-ST unit, ɣ=ST, was responsible for the fundamental mechanics of lightspeed and space-time, and when enhanced to a higher resonate state forms the graviton, but when enhanced to a higher symmetry state, forms the perfectly symmetrical, fully multi-potential Higgs Boson that may immediately decay…deconstructing back either to its two photons or re-configured into any one of the possible massive ST units that its energy signature allows?

What if the Conservation of *Energy were dependent on the Conservation of Lightspeed, itself dependent upon the Conservation of SpaceTime…would not the dark matter and dark energy manifestations really be simply a consequence of these Conservation Laws?

Multi-touch, interactive eBook: LightspeedST: The eBook


This interactive book aims to be useful and valuable to both those who know little about the grand description of our physical world and those who know a lot.

For the new student, let this guide be like a story — really, more like a storyboard — for making a movie about the physical laws of Nature.

You start with the ultimate question: Why is the speed of light constant?

Wow! That's a big question! You break it down to a series of 20 or so smaller questions and answers. How might these go together?

With that preview-overview in mind, you now tell your story with an imaginative mix of words and hundreds of images, with some 50 short videos, all organized around: The Players, The Rules, The Subplot, The Plot, and The Conclusion. This is followed up with The Movie (review summary), a substantial Appendix, Links and References, and interactive sketching and note taking widgets embedded throughout.

Without memorizing a single fact, you can experience and gain insight into the workings of Nature.

For the seasoned veteran student immersed in the Standard Model of Quantum Mechanics — matter, fields and exchange quanta; gluons, photons, gravitons, Higgs Bosons, W⁺W⁻Z°; fermions, bosons, leptons, baryons, hadrons; charge, mass and spin vectors; the strong, residual nuclear, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions; the Planck Event Horizon, spinor rotation and much more — and searching to reconcile with General Relativity, this book is exactly what you want to bring fresh insights to that Ultimate Question: Why is the speed of light constant? 

This question is so important because it goes directly to the heart of the matter — all matter, all energy — including Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

A unified and harmonious vision of the cosmos awaits you.

Multi-touch, interactive eBook: LightspeedST: The eBook

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SAMPLES of Chapters are available on the iBookstore download link above (No Auto-downloads---just info).

LightspeedST's complementary ebook MathspeedST is available here: MathspeedST: Leapfrogging LightspeedST FASTER Than The Speed of Light)

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