~ LeapFrogging ODOU @ The Speed of Light ~

A synthesis of Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity (the latter a.k.a. Gravitation)  and   Quantum Mechanics (a.k.a. The Standard Model) ...  bridged  by the granular treatment of space and time formed locally in discreet ST quanta traveling at lightspeed.


This is your brain  ...more or less.... on spacetime

This is your brain  ...more or less.... on spacetime

This is your brain  ...more or less.... on spacetime


Reginald Brooks

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The Mechanics of SpaceTime (ST)

The Movie Script

The Movie

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Appendix A: Quark Portraits

Appendix B: Ruminations

~ dedicated to Molly ~

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"MathspeedST: Leapfrogging LightspeedST FASTER Than The Speed of Light" eBook now available (free)

Press Release:
Why Is The Speed Of Light Constant? A Visual Artist Responds With "LightspeedST," An IBook.
Press Release:
How can information be ubiquitous—traveling FASTER than the speed of light? “MathspeedST.

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