The Architecture Of SpaceTime (TAOST) as defined by the Brooks (Base) Square matrix and the Inverse Square Law (ISL)

This work supplements...indeed quotes from...Appendix B of the original “Brooks (Base) Square” white paper. It also references the newer BBS interactive work.  

“What we have here is a failure to communicate”...NOT.

The ultimate communication is that of and between the quanta of spacetime (ST). 

These quanta of ST consist of the pulse-propagation ST unit and its boson ST waves that fan out to infinity...defining the curvature of ST along the way as a function of the energy density. This curvature quantitatively defined and enumerated by the Brooks (Base) Square matrix and the Inverse Square Law (ISL).

Brooks (Base) Square (BBS) interactive matrix: BASICS (Part I)---LINKS

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Each of the five (I-V) Slideshows/Movies presents the same "BASIC" information in a different format. The numbers, and their patterns, form the matrix around the Inverse Square Law (ISL). Together they form the Brooks (Base) Square interactive matrix. See Appendix B for "Additional Commentary."

Brooks (Base) Square interactive matrix ©2011, Reginald Brooks, Brooks Design. All rights reserved.

The single most important concept to take from here is that not only is ST not rigid and static...indeed it is more like a fluid made of light, each quanta of which flashes on and off...pulse-propagates into and out of a frequency (and wavelength) according to its energy...and this fluid light ST unit resonates off a wave of energy at the peak of each pulse-flash...that wave, like a pond ripple, fans out to infinity (or the edge of the Universe...which ever comes first) where it is absorbed back into the sub-Planck event horizon (Singularity) to fuel the next round...communicating...passing on to the location source and energy density...the amount and degree of its presence...its every other ST unit throughout the Universe(s), BUT that the ST formation and curvature information propagation is informed, dictated and quantified by the matrix of BBS and the ISL...the bean counters par excellence! 

And if that is not enough to fully float your boat, toss in the fractal. Yes the Fractal Universe. The whole pulse-propagating, BBS-ISL dependent, boson ST unit...a.k.a. curved a reiterative, self-similar fractal manifestation of the perfectly recyclable Universe.


It has to be accountable...and it is. Think about it. If the force of gravity(G) and the force of electromagnetism (EM) both occupy the same do all the forces and energies of Nature...and all follow the dictates of the ISL, then The Architecture Of SpaceTime itself must be inherently defined...and thus designed...upon the dictates of the ISL.

Gravity and EM do not sit above...on top of...the ST matrix. No, they operate within and are intimately associated with that very same liquid ST described.

As the forces and energies co-exist within the “context” of the ST matrix, they must...while always ultimately satisfying the Conservation Laws (energy, mass-energy, charge, momentum(s), velocity of light, and ST) able to communicate the information of their existence (past, present and future) at all times to every part of the ST matrix.

That information is the quantity and position (and the nature or type of energy...which ultimately distills back down to its energy signature...a result of its frequency, wavelength, mass, charge, and spin symmetries).

That information, quantified as it is, becomes the distance from the source is increased. It is convenient to represent this dilution digitally as discrete stair-case steps as shown in the BBS-ISL matrix grid.

Much has been made of recent popularizations of Einstein’s statement that the distinction between past, present and future is an illusion. Einstein’s statement underlined the discrepancies...individual biases that failed to account for the overall energy densities (including factors of speed, acceleration and the gravitational intensities) of the observer and observed. One persons’ past is another’s present...and so on.

Indeed, the modern popular extension is that not only is the distinction of past, present and future an illusion, it is literally absurd in that the history of all people, all particles, all things are permanently frozen in frames in a movie reel...and one could theoretically revisit them.

Not sure about the revisiting, but the pulse-propagation wave-ripple history of every ST unit is present in...indeed it forms...the larger ST matrix...and where you, the observer are, will determine if you are experiencing the past, present and/or future of that ST unit.

It’s not that these ripples of ST waves formed from the pulse-propagation of the ST unit are in any way frozen in ST...they most certainly are NOT...rather, it is that the ST unit itself, and its wave pulses, are both in constant motion, communicating their energy presence to every other ST unit.

The dynamic interaction of multiple pulse-propagating ST units generates interference patterns that profoundly affect the presence and disposition of all other ST units...including those with mass.

A past, present and future is...despite the movement...always revealed, but never fixed.

Revealed in that the present signature footprint of any ST phenomena is the result of that multi-source interference at that moment...whose ripple path (past) can be traced step-by-step back to each of the pulse-propagating ST units forming it, and forward to the next wave of interference effects, as each of the ST wave ripples pass through each other and expand outward.

[Here would be a good point to review Appendix B. from the original paper.]

(Appendix B)

“Additional Commentary 

The Architecture Of SpaceTime (TAOST)...

how Brooks (Base) Square, BBS,  reveals the fractal nature of the Inverse Square Law (ISL) in service to the Conservation of SpaceTime and the inevitable conclusion that dark matter = dark energy (the inverse of)

SpaceTime...that is, both space and time, interlinked as they are...falls off inverse squarely from its source, the pulse-propagated boson ST unit...which itself radiates outward at c, the velocity of light. This wave of ST propagation, occurring at the frequency of its energy relative to its wavelength, contains one Planck unit of energy and is always conserved.

When actualized at any point...that is interacting with another boson ST unit or one of its derivatives (the fermions)...the wave energy collapses to deliver it full potential payload. Constructive and destructive interference comes in to play because the boson ST units have either left, L, or right, R, handed spin 1 vectors giving: 

In the former we have re-creation of the Spin 0 Higgs Boson from which all ST units (bosons and fermions) arise, and in the latter two, we have the creation of the left and right handed Spin 2 graviton bosons (with its associated gravitational effects, e.i. curved spacetime).

The collapse of the boson ST wave does not occur (for *bosons), or at least is only a temporary actualization of that ST point. It pulses on through this node and continues to expand outward indefinitely...temporarily actualizing itself repeatedly as it encounters other ST unit pulse waves coming from various sources.

ST unit energy bundles, aka mass-laden particles (fermions)...are completely susceptible to this propagating ST wave: increased density = increased curvature of ST.

Because the pulse propagating boson ST unit must maintain...that is be true to...its Conservation Laws, from its point of origin to the outer limits, any interaction(s) nearby that concentrates its energy packet must necessarily dilute its energy packet out and beyond. Because mass-laden ST units (fermion particles) are drawn into ST units with increased energy density (dark matter) and pushed away from those with decreased energy density (dark energy), there is an outward expansion of the ST Universe that is increasing by the dictates of the ISL...and the Conservation of SpaceTime. Compressing ST locally results in expanding ST distally. It follows that an increase in dark matter (compressed ST) dictates a reciprocating increase in dark energy (expanded ST).

How is BBS integrated into the physics of spacetime?

Let’s start at the beginning with a few basic concepts. The physics has been described in detail in the previous works:




These have all been predicated on the original L.U.F.E. and LUFE Matrix works:





Common notions amongst the fundamental, universal principles and laws of physics are the “constants” and the “variables.” The “constants” include:

  1. The Conservation Laws: SpaceTime; Velocity of Light; Energy; Mass (as mass-energy); Momentum; and, Charge.
  2. Particles and their identifying properties: mass; charge; spin; baryon, hadron, fermion,  and lepton numbers.
  3. Fields, that is, the fields of energy, often expressed as force (energy per unit of time): gravitational; electromagnetic; weak; and, strong.

The “variables” being really just the result of the immersion and dynamical interplay of the “constants” within our “field of dreams”...otherwise known as physical reality.

That the Universe is a self-similar, reiterative expression of these underlying “constants” and “variables” relationships...that is, the Universe is a fractal, it is a fractal Universe...has been suggested by others, and by this author since the original “L.U.F.E.” was published in 1985.

The connection to the BBS - ISL is that the latter is the quantitative fractal template of spacetime is The Architecture Of SpaceTime (TOAST)...informing, defining and giving expression to the former, our Universe.

The “constants” within BBS are the numbers that make up the Axis, Prime Diagonal (PD) and the Inner Grid (IG). Oh...and the patterns they form! Yes! It’s all about the patterns, Baby!

The “variables” are built on and of the same BBS numbers and patterns, only as multiple BBS’s interact, the dynamics of the patterns ripple waves on water...generate new patterns over a wide spectrum depending upon the number, intensity and distance of separation of those initiating BBS points. Substitute pulse-propagating ST units for BBS points and you have the basic vision of the fractal BBS matrix forming The Architecture Of SpaceTime.

Every unit of spacetime is pulse-propagating radially outward...quanta of spacetime being generated at a frequency and wavelength whose sum equals c, the velocity of light. Each quanta follows the ISL and its subsequent interactivity may be fully represented by the inherent pattern dynamics of the BBS matrix.

[*Bosons like the photon (spin 1), the graviton (spin 2) and the Higgs (spin 0)...all ST particles with integral (whole number) spin...are a separate class of ST particles that do NOT obey the Pauli Exclusion principle that disallows any fractional spin particle (known as fermions, like protons, neutrons, electrons, neutrinos) from simultaneously occupying the same point in ST.] 

Brooks (Base) Square 5x5 matrix

Above is a simple 5x5 matrix image of BBS.

Below, two images (Fig 5 and Fig 6) from the paper “Conservation of SpaceTime” are shown.  Fuller details and the broader context can be found in this and the other reference papers cited above.

Here, we are just trying to give a very broad conceptual view of how the BBS matrix can be seen to inform The Architecture of SpaceTime.  

Fig 5 The Photon ST Unit & The ST Matter Waves That it Generates With Each Pulse

Fig 5 shows a detail close-up of the photon ST unit and its matter waves.

As it pulse-propagates into...and out of...existence, it generates the matter waves that radiate outward, obeying the ISL and effectively presenting the BBS matrix as it does so.

Fig 6. The Rols of Symmetry in Bosons

Fig 6 gives a very diagrammatic example of how this photon ST unit is derived from the super-symmetric Higgs Boson by breaking that symmetry into left- and right-handed photon bosons. These photon ST units radiate out as waves and upon crossing the wave patterns of other photon ST units have the opportunity to display constructive interference when they have the same-handed spins (either L+L or R+R) or destructive interference when the handiness of their spins is opposite. The latter simply re-instates the super-symmetry of the Higgs Boson. In the former, we have generation of the graviton...temporarily, because that is exactly what a graviton is, a Spin 2 boson formed as two photon ST unit matter waves with the same handed spin cross each other, passing through yet temporarily generating the quantum particle representing the curvature of spacetime. It is also why it is so hard to measure using conventional concepts and techniques.

Overlaying Fig 6 with BBS matrices

Picturing the wave ripples on the surface of water is the common example given to more easily digest the phenomenon of interference. If we now overlay the idea...represented by a smaller version of the 5x5 BBS matrix...that the energy, the force, the influence of any given pulse-propagating ST unit will, while radiating outwards, diminish inverse squarely of the distance of separation...combined with the notion that the graviton communicates spacetime curvature (gravity) by attracting mass through its local compression of spacetime, a compression...or curvature...of spacetime that decreases inverse squarely of the distance of separation from its source...effectively becoming an increasing expansion (curvature) of spacetime distally. 

In the former it is the dark matter. So much local space is compressed that the curvature (gravitational pull) of the spacetime itself exceeds that accounted for by simply adding up the visible mass. And yet with distance, as the BBS matrix lays out the ISL, that curvature of spacetime is now so vastly expanded...and doing so as to quadruple for every doubling of the distance...that that part of the Universe has negative gravity, relatively, resulting from the increase in spacetime...and is the dark energy. 

The dark energy thus becomes little more than the squared inverse effect of the dark matter. While the number pattern relationships of the ISL as seen in the BBS matrix quantitate this effect, it is the Conservation of Energy...i.e. all quanta of spacetime hold, and potentially deliver, one Planck unit of energy...that dictates this relationship across every scale of the Universe.

Conclusion from Dark-Dark-Light: Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of) paper:

“The irony is that the condensate of matter is light and we see it, while the fluid of which it is composed is dark and invisible. While the curvature of ST inwards toward its mass-energy seen should not exactly point to curvature outward where inflation began is the light.
For those who are in doubt, yet consider the Conservation of Energy to be inviolable, consider this:

If energy is conserved now, it must have been conserved in the past and in the future as well (that is if the notions of a past, present and future are endeared likewise).
All the energy now is the same, in amount, as all the energy at the Big Bang, both before and after inflation.
Energy disposition, that is its spatial dispersement, must likewise account for the total sum.
If the energy density fluctuates in one area, it must also fluctuate in another area or areas in an opposite manner.
If the energy density rises in one area or areas, then it must fall in another area or areas.
Force is the moderator, or interface resolution, from one energy (be it type, density or location in space or time) to another.
Force is the energy per spatial displacement.
Planck's constant, as a unit of action, is the energy per temporal displacement. It is conserved (as a constant) and as angular momentum.
If energy is conserved, then force must be conserved.
The Conservation of Force serves to uphold the Conservation of Energy.
The Conservation of Energy serves to uphold the Conservation of SpaceTime, of which it is composed of.
The Conservation of SpaceTime is built upon the velocity of light constant, c.
If the spacetime density fluctuates in one area, it must also fluctuate in another area or areas in an opposite manner.
If the spacetime density (gravitational curvature) rises in one area or areas, then it must fall in another area or areas.
If the elevated spacetime density is the Dark Matter and the depleted spacetime density is the Dark Energy then,
Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of).”

Here is an example closer to home...our Sun. First, allow a squiggly waveform line...going from a point to infinity to simultaneously represent the unfolding of the BBS matrix derived ISL...that is, as the distance increases from the source point, the frequency falls as the wavelength increases (all in accordance with the ISL)...and, spacetime itself going from compression to expansion.

Squiggly waveform

Anytime two or more of these progressive waveforms interact, we have the possibility of constructive or destructive interference.

Squiggly waveforms

Now, in the Sun, the BBS matrix-ISL source points are nearly confined to a point...nearly, but not exactly, relative to the size of the Universe. The sun’s corona runs hot! At over 200 times the temperature of the surface, the mechanism of superheating this corona plasma has defied any definitive answer. Undoubtedly, magnetism plays a hugh least in accounting for the largest swings in violent activity.  

Squiggly Sun

Picture the core formation of the corona as follows. The corona results from a resonance band of super-interference (constructive gravitons and destructive Higgs bosons) just above the surface of the sun. The BBS matrix within the corona are the 1st harmonic resonance of the fundamental tone (frequencies) collectively of the sun proper. Changes in the density and/or angle of interference will effectively detune the resonant harmonics...perhaps to nil. 

It is helpful not to forget that the BBS matrix informs the structural dynamics of spacetime...and the ST units that form it...and interchanging BBS with either SpaceTime (ST) or ST units will enhance one’s understanding of the energy, or curvature, contained therein.

In the Sun, the 1st harmonic resonance of ST curvature (a Perfect 5th), results in the entrapment and heating of a band of plasma particles exchanging high-energy photons. Is there a 2nd, 3rd, 4th,...harmonic?

In some respects, one may think of the solar corona as being the result of the “dark matter” phenomena of the Sun. Dark matter results from the concentration of compressed, local spacetime.

Since we know compressed ST here must generate expanded ST distally...where is the “dark energy” of the Sun?

Well, one can assuredly say, “Yes, it’s out there.”

Out there, but diluted in and amongst its many neighbor’s BBS matrix - spacetime contributions. Just as the Sun required a critical mass to display the corona, the Universe requires a critical mass, i.e. a critical amount of compressed spacetime in order to reveal an observable and measureable expanded spacetime...known as dark energy.

Be assured, the Conservation of SpaceTime, like the Conservation of Energy, will be the perfect accountant. All sums will add to”

(end Appendix B) 

also see L.U.F.E.


Summary & Conclusion

Simplifying the complex dynamics of the larger ST matrix reveals a short list of constructs:

  1. Any model of the Universe...the Cosmos...must respect and obey the Conservation Laws. Respect allows for temporary virtual violations as long as the Laws are obeyed in the end.
  2. Any model of ST...and the energy densities contained within...must account for the past, present and future of the Universe (or Multi-verse if you prefer) under any scale or energy density.
  3. The forces of Nature...communicating the energy densities between ST units...must, while adhering to Constructs 1 & 2 above, be strictly accountable...because in the end, it is strictly a zero-sum game. All debts are cleared. The energy densities sum to zero as the Conservation Laws (energy, mass-energy, momentum, angular momentum, charge, the velocity of light, and, as a consequence of all the others, ST) prevent any net accumulations.
  4. There is an arrow of time...order to the Second Law of Thermodynamics dictates that entropy shall always will the increasing expansion of the Universe...itself due to the increasing expansion of the ST. The arrow will reverse, as will the law, should there be a decrease in the high energy density (Dark Matter) such that it no longer can sustain the increase in low energy density (dark energy) as the expansion of the Universe is reversed. 
  5. A single pulse-propagating ST unit, flashing outwards a resonant boson ST wave, can...if unencumbered...expand outward indefinitely to infinity (or at least until its energy is still higher than that required to escape the Planck Event Horizon [PEH]...the singularity where all ST units and their affects are born from...but that’s another story that can be followed out in L.U.F.E.). The simple ST unit and its wave form can be accounted for by the BBS matrix and the ISL. The fractal template.

    PP-ST units

  6. When two or more pulse-propagating ST units, and their ST waves, are present, the beginnings of the ST matrix are to be found. The dynamical interaction and communication between the two begin to present the first layers of ST matrix complexity. Through the formation of interference patterns the original boson ST units that look and act for all intents and purposes as photons (massless, charge-less, spin 1) and giving rise, as such, to the electromagnetic (EM) force, we now have the generation of either gravitons (massless, charge-less, spin 2) vector bosons that administer the gravitational (G) force, or, the Higgs Boson (massless, charge-less, spin 0) super-symmetric ST units that...through symmetry breaking...can split back into two spin-opposite photons that may themselves fuse-annihilate into ST unit particles with mass. The complexities of these and subsequent layers of even more ST unit dynamic interactions must, nevertheless, still be accountable to Constructs 1-5. The fractal manifestation is born and maintained accountable by adherence to The Architecture Of SpaceTime as defined by the BBS matrix and the ISL.

    interference interactions of multiply pp-ST units

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