Brooks (Base) Square (BBS) interactive matrix: BASICS (Part I)

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Each of the five (I-V) Slideshows/Movies presents the same "BASIC" information in a different format. The numbers, and their patterns, form the matrix around the Inverse Square Law (ISL). Together they form the Brooks (Base) Square interactive matrix.

See Appendix B for "Additional Commentary."

Be sure to check out:The Architecture Of SpaceTime (TAOST) as defined by the Brooks (Base) Square matrix and the Inverse Square Law (ISL)

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—————>Hands-On Interactive BBS-ISL matrix grids: 5x5 up to 50x50

—————>MathspeedST: BASICS 13 NEW! (2013-16) Movies for the BBS-ISL matrix grid and a MathspeedST Summary movie. (Example below)

—————>MathspeedST: The Ubiquitous Information of Numbers white paper (2014) Movies for the BBS-ISL matrix grid and a MathspeedST Summary movie. (Example below)

—————>MathspeedST: Leapfrogging LightspeedST FASTER Than The Speed of Light NEW! (2013) interactive ebook now available (free) in the iBookstore.

—————LightspeedST: Leapfrogging @ The Speed of Light NEW! (2013) interactive ebook now available ($2.99) in the iBookstore.

MathspeedST-6: simple Layout for TES (Teachers, Educators and Students)

MathspeedST-6: simple layout of the BBS-ISL matrix for TES(Teachers, Educators, and Students) from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

"MathspeedST_simple Layout for TES (Teachers, Educators and Students)" is a new, very simple presentation of how to fill out the numbers in the BBS-ISL matrix (5x5 grid) that can be applied to the entire grid. Created on the iPad with the excellent "Drawing Carl” and/or “mini Doodlecast.” The fabulous “SketchClub” app was used for the more advanced videos..

MathspeedST_BASICS-1-4 and 9-11: short intro videos into the BASICS of laying out the Brooks Base Square-Inverse Square Law matrix grid.
MathspeedST_BASICS-5: A summary overview.

The BBS-ISL matrix grid is an absolutely unique and original mathematical relationship visual that was created/discovered while trying to visualize the ISL.

This is NOT a multiplication table—although the Primordial (Prime) Diagonal that divides the two symmetrical halves is indeed generated by the squares of the AXIS numbers—no, this is a matrix grid of unique relationship numbers all derived from the ISL.

The simplicity of the BBS-ISL matrix belies the phenomenal core relationships that provide for the generation of a vast number of fundamental mathematical processes. This 1st level BASICS introduction will introduce you to the matrix by a series of rules (Rules 1-200). Lines, areas, shapes, volumes, Pythagorean relationships and prime numbers are just some of the introductory material covered.

BASICS-1: laying out a small 5x5 BBS-ISL matrix grid;
BASICS-2: laying out a small 5x5 BBS-ISL matrix grid by the diagonal patterns;
BASICS-3: laying out a moderate 10x10 BBS-ISL matrix grid by means of "0's" and "5's" and the "ones" numbers.
BASICS-4: revealing the hidden primes and the Period Table Of Primes (PTOP) within the 5x5 BBS-ISL matrix grid;
BASICS-5: a summary overview—not the devilish details—of how MathspeedST and LightspeedST complement each other.
BASICS-6: "simple"—layout for teachers, educators and students.

BASICS-7: "simple"—layout for teachers, educators and students.

BASICS-8: "simple"—layout for teachers, educators and students.

BASICS-9: simple-->advanced for TES. Checkered Tablecloth-BBS-ISL matrix analogy on the Ubiquitous Information of Numbers. See white papers and new media projects links below for more.

BASICS-10: a quick review of BBS-ISL matrix Rules 1-200 for TES. An overview of just some of the possibilities.

BASICS-11: a simple "20+ graphics ways" to get any number within the BBS-ISL matrix for TES. See links for more.

The full version of the BBS-ISL matrix grid—including visuals on all 200 Rules can be found on my website at:

An interactive version can be found at:

A new white paper on "The Ubiquitous Information of Numbers" ( or "How Fractals can exceed the speed limit of light):

A new media project on the same subject at:

The significance of the BBS-ISL matrix is that it provides a form of ubiquitous information that permeates the Universe below the formation of spacetime itself, in effect, providing information faster than the speed of light!
The complete works have been aggregated into the freely available "MathspeedST: Leapfrogging LightspeedST FASTER Than The Speed of Light" ebook.

This work complements "LightspeedST: Leapfrogging @ The Speed of Light," and the essence of this ibook can also be found freely available at:

Original soundtracks.

Thanks for taking a look. Check out the links to get the full load.

Several NEW videos added in 2016 (including the Updated "BBS_20_Ways" to get any of the numbers on the grid! and "BBSsymmetryMorphs"—part of the bigger picture.)

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