MathspeedST: Leapfrogging Lightspeed FASTER than The Speed of Light


Introducing MathspeedST, an ebook. MathspeedST is the complement to LightspeedST (published in June, 2013).

While LightspeedST addressed the ultimate question: “Why is the speed of light constant?”MathspeedST addresses the fundamental, underlying question: “How can information be ubiquitous, effectively traveling FASTER than the speed of light?”

LightspeedST describes how the formation of spacetime (ST) is intimately tied to the speed of light—all within the Observable Universe.

In the Observable Universe, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light—and this includes any information contained within a tangible form.

In order to satisfy a higher rule, The Conservation of Energy—you know, energy (along with its progeny: momentum, charge, spin, etc.) can neither be net created nor destroyed—clearly a mechanism must be in place to account for the distribution of said energy. Not only that, but such mechanism must do the accounting before—not after—the fact. Enter MathspeedST.

MathspeedST: Leapfrogging Lightspeed FASTER than The Speed of Light” provides the fundamental mathematical basis—lying hidden below—for the accounting and distribution of all spacetime and its subsequent expression as energy, matter and fields in the Observable Universe above.

This freely available interactive ebook brings together under one publication the Brooks (Base) Square-Inverse Square Law, or BBS-ISL matrix for short, under the title MathspeedST. It includes hundreds of images, a number of videos and lots of test-yourself, interactive widgets in presenting the derivation, layout, rules, patterns and ISL-derived mathematical basis of the matrix. Ages 8-10 and up.

A new paradigm in the visualization of basic mathematics is presented!

Multi-touch, interactive eBook: MathspeedST: The eBook


Although MathspeedST began as a simple project to visualize the Inverse Square Law (ISL)—and, indeed, the Brooks (Base) Square-Inverse Square Law (BBS-ISL) matrix that resulted provides a solid, completely fixed grid of unique number relationships—it is to the fundamental, underlying question: "How can information be ubiquitous—here, there and everywhere— effectively traveling FASTER than the speed of light?" that this work addresses.

And, while some 200+ images, including over 100 interactive widgets, 8 videos, a reference-like glossary and a number of supplemental works, all work toward helping you, dear reader, understand how the "Rules"—rules that are really just descriptors of some of the basic layouts and patterns within the matrix—reveal how such a simple ISL-based grid can have so many nearly magical relationships between numerical quantities, it is the application of this phenomenally beautiful fractal-like framework to the Conservation Laws that define our physical reality according to the Standard Model of Quantum Mechanics, that shines forth.

Because line-, shape- area-, volume- penta-, Pythagorean-, exponential-, Fibonacci- and prime number-relationships (to name a few), are all covered in detail, you will get a firm mathematical foundation to build your appreciation of the sublimely harmonious relationships between the grid cells within the matrix—ultimately realizing that because every cell is uniquely defined with only a single number, the entire BBS-ISL matrix is: • fixed • ubiquitous • instant • all-knowing (in a mathematical sense) • ISL-based.

Knowing any one spot on the matrix provides you with instant knowledge of every other spot—regardless of size!

So why is this important?

Underlying the physical reality of our Observable Universe, must be some form of an accounting and distribution mechanism that allows for the flux of energy, charge, momentum, lightspeed, and spacetime (ST) itself, to be expressed while strictly adhering to the Conservation Laws. That mechanism—containing the five necessary attributes listed above—is the BBS-ISL matrix and MathspeedST is your gateway entry.

As a complementary work to LightspeedST (the Observable Universe above), MathspeedST defines the hidden, dark matter-dark energy Universe below.

No, this is not a religious work—though the parallels have not gone unnoticed. This is mathematics—pure and simple. Clear, concise and applicable.

If you take a gallon of ice cream (Energy), you can divide it up anyway you like—but you are still left with a gallon of ice cream. Hooray for ice cream! 

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. The Underlying Question 3. TAOST (The Architecture Of SpaceTime) 4. TCAOP(The Complete Absence Of Primes) 5. Interconnectedness 6. Conclusion 7. Links & References 8. Appendix 9. Dyamic Interactive BBS-ISL matrix 10. Numbers of Inevitability 11. AFPOP: A Fresh Piece Of Pi(e)...and the Square Root of 2, too. 12. Next: BBS - ADVANCED (preview) 13. Review

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Multi-touch, interactive eBook: MathspeedST: The eBook

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