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BIO+ DRAWING NEW MEDIA PAINTING SCULPTURE index         RealSurReal...aClone, 2001         Hey!Ufunk'nwithmyDNA?
            9-11                 naughty physics (a.k.a. The LUFE Matrix)          Your sFace or Mine?
          Butterfly Primes      Geometry of Music Color, I                  Geometry of Music Color, II-III
         Brooks (Base) Square & The Inverse Square Law (ISL)       Brooks (Base) Square interactive matrix
         Sunspots and Solar Flares       AFPOP: A Fresh Piece of Pi(e)...and the √2, too...Fractal - Fractal - Fractal

       LightspeedST: LeapFrogging ODOU @ The Speed of Light                             Your sFace or Mine? Anonymity

          MathspeedST: The Ubiquitous Information of Numbers              TPISC: INTRO: MathspeedST Supplement

          Joshua Tree Series Movie          TPISC on the BBS-ISL Matrix: INTRODUCTION

             TPISC—MathspeedST—BBS-ISL Matrix Media Center                      Metamorphosis Movie
             HHYSMF___Honey, Have You Seen My Face? (PREVIEW)                          code)+gifs 

                       BBS-ISL Matrix: Simplified ~Playground~ TES (Teachers, Educators, Students) 

                       DSEQEC (Double-Slit Experiment — Quantum Entanglement Conjecture) & ER=EPR  


     LightspeedST: eBook   MathspeedST: eBook TPISC_I: eBook TPISC_II: eBook  TPISC_III: eBook 

       art theory 101
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