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Aboutimgllgray2x2.gif                        me...enough said. I like to create things! Always have.                        Yel-Gree.gif
BananasGr-BlGre.gif                        "Yes, we have no bananas"...voted best quote of the last 50 years by...                        imgyellow2x2.gif

Reginald Brooks


535 NW 107th Ave
Portland, OR 97229

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8:00 AM-6:00 PM, Pacific Time

bdesign5 at frontier.com

inverse2ed at gmail.com

best to CC both addresses!

For purchases, please contact here or click Brooks Design link at bottom and follow the "Purchase" link.

Detailsv.gif                         draw everything on paper first! Draw. Draw. Draw.                        Orange.gif
EvolvingBl-Green.gif                         as in everytime you hit "refresh"...make it better!                        blue.gif
Futureimgpurple2x2.gif"                         "Not only is the future not what it used to be
                   ...it's not even when it used to be!"                       imgred2x2.gif
GoalsBG-Cyan.gif                         Always been sucked in by that "be all that you can be, be the best that you can be"
...minus the uniformity.                        black.gif
Howeveriimgdgray2x2.gif                         unlikely. Go for it! ...and don't look back.                                          imgpink2x2.gif
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