T H E   U B I Q U I T O U S   I N F O R M A T I O N    O F    N U M B E R S
~The General Ubiquity Rule (GUR)~
~traveling FASTER than the Speed of Light~
~open your mind~
~Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the Inverse of)~

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the ultimate objective prejudice

Ubiquitous information effectively traveling FASTER than the speed of light? More than just a mouthful— that sounds like a preposterous statement! Who lit your candle?
~That's not the point here, dear reader. It's not about me— it's about the Universe we live in.

Oh!— like you would know! Still, it's a preposterous statement. FASTER than the speed of light? Nothing, according to Einstein, can move faster that the speed of light— hey?
~That is correct— nothing "material" can move faster than the speed of light. However, "immaterial" "things" like information, knowledge, thoughts can do just that under the right circumstances.

No, that's not right. All information— including knowledge and thoughts— requires a transport means to get it from point A to B, and, that transporter has "material" presence— be it airplanes, molecules, or photons!
~That is correct— at least essentially correct. It is outside this conventional paradigm approach— the proverbial "box"— that we must take a fresh new look.

Go on. My pulse is quickening, beads of perspiration are forming, my car is revved and I don't know where we are going. Light it up, pour me one, a little down and to the right!
~OK! I will try to bear with your self-indulgences if you will stick with me. Hang in there!

~There is a type of information that does NOT require "material" transport—at least not in the conventional sense. That is where the keyword "ubiquitous" comes in.

Ubiquitous means here, there, everywhere— all at once.

OK— ubiquitous = everywhere. Got it. So what do you men about the term "information?" I think you are about to go over the cliff!
~Back up, Jack! Or at least slow down for a second. Now wrap your brain around this. Be prepared. Open up. Let the floodgates of new information, new knowledge, new insights, pour in.

For those in the "box," numbers have always been nothing more than a simple language of assigned abstract symbols that is incredibly useful in describing the Universe. Rational, logical— and, ultimately, self-referential.

For those outside the "box", numbers ARE the Universe! All information, knowledge, thoughts— all forces, charges, masses and spins— all energies in whatever form— they all are fundamentally expressions of quantities. Numbers are first and foremost simply designations of quantities and as such are just as "real" as the quantities they represent. All "everything"— slang intentional— distills down to quantities. So much of this plus so much of that. All quantities are represented by and identical with numbers.

Numbers are information. Information is a combination of numerical quantities. This does not take away from the usefulness of numbers as seen by the "boxers," it just means that numbers— as quantities— are the underlying Truth or "Oneness" of the Universe.

Let's just say, that for a moment, I bite on this: Information is some sort of aggregate of quantities and all these quantities are numbers of these quantities. I also choked down that "Ubiquitous" thing: Information is everywhere, numbers are information, numbers are everywhere! So, how do the two connect?
~Yes, my friend, finally you have cleared your head and realized the obvious question: How can information be ubiquitous— effectively traveling FASTER than the Speed of Light?

  • First: information = numbers = quantities (inq)

  • Second: inq is everywhere, at all times = ubiquitous

  • Third: inq does NOT really travel, it EXISTS

  • Fourth: inq exists as a matrix grid of quantitative relationships and inter-relationships as the Brooks (Base) Square - Inverse Square Law, or BBS-ISL, matrix

  • Fifth: because the cell numbers within the matrix grid are fixed, knowing any one cell number means instantly knowing all numbers in all cells at all times

  • Sixth: various "child" and "grandchild" BBS-ISL matrix grids can form only by dividing up the "parent" BBS-ISL matrix

  • Seventh: the "parent" BBS-ISL matrix contains the fixed, constant, total aggregate sum (∑) of all the "sibling" matrix grids

  • Eighth: the Conservation of Energy flatly requires no net loss or gain of energy over time

  • Ninth: the smallest, whole integer number quantity of Planck Energy units = 1, the starting number quantity of the BBS-ISL matrix

  • Tenth: the total, ultimate distribution of the sum total of all Planck Energy units— quanta— is mandated and controlled by the built-in relationships of inq within the "parent" BBS-ISL matrix grid.

Can you put that in English!
~The Inverse Square Law relates how energy (in its myriad of forms: including electromagnetic, gravitational, sound, light, influence,...) falls off in strength or concentration with distance from the source. The BBS-ISL matrix is a fixed grid of numerical values— where each cell within the grid is uniquely occupied by a single number— that is strictly based on and informed by the ISL. The grid itself is infinitely expandable as it is built on the simple whole integer numbers 1,2,3, ... As the diagonally-symmetrical grid fans out from the source, the numbers become larger as a function of their squares along the primordial diagonal (PD). Those numbers within the Inner Grid (IG)— between the PD and the Axis numbers— become larger in a different, but extremely patterned way corresponding to the numbers on the PD. Every number on the BBS-ISL matrix grid is fixed and numerically related to every other number. Once any number on the grid is known (located) every other number is immediately and automatically known by the very nature of the fixed grid number pattern and inter-relationship. This utter simplicity of initial design and the genesis of sophisticated harmony and pattern is fundamentally fractal-like at its core.

The Big Bang creation of the SpaceTime (ST) Universe and the subsequent Inflationary phase that soon followed expressed ST energy as fields and matter. The total energy at the beginning matched exactly the total energy later on and continues. The distribution of that ST energy is based on the ISL.

Subsequent to and really part of the Big Bang, quantum-based fluctuations of local ST pulse-propagated (P-P) in to— and out of, and back in to— existence. Each P-P presented one Planck Energy unit or quanta of energy. The sum (∑) total of all those Planck Energy quanta always was and will be constant. This is the basis of the Conservation of Energy Law.

Each local P-P ST unit, as an energy source, generates its own local BBS-ISL matrix and in doing so enjoys the luxury of its own ubiquitous information from its source to all subsequent possible ST locations (distributions).

Because the BBS-ISL matrix sits below‚ lays behind, beneath the physically observable Universe, its moderation, delegation and distribution of the fixed, constant total energy of the cosmos defies easy comprehension by mere mortals with limitations of lifespan, technologies and a full context. The individual local BBS-ISL matrix grids from the local ST P-P draw their possible and allowable energies from the much larger global "parent" BBS-ISL matrix. There is no separation. The ability and energy distribution of a particle and anti-particle colliding and sending two photons away in their place, in opposite directions and spin while mapped locally by their own local matrix grid, do so within that which is allowed and distributed by the much larger global "parent" grid.

Ah...once again!
~Picture a fixed line 100cm in length, shaped into a letter "U." Measure the height of the two vertical sides and add it to the curved horizontal bridge. Together, they will always equal 100cm regardless if one side is pushed higher or lower than the other. This is the Conservation of Energy.

Let this big "U" represent the total energy of the global "parent" BBS-ISL matrix grid.

Now, within each cell of the matrix grid is a number unique to that cell position. As a number, it represents a quantity.

If that cell number, like the "U" line, is increased or decreased locally by being divided up by local P-P ST units, nevertheless, its sum of the parts will always equal the original number.

Now, apply this to every cell across the grid so that the matrix grid itself represents the total, fixed sum quantity of energy— and no matter how the pulsating local energies within the cells evolve— the net global energy of the entire cosmos grid will remain the same. It is only the expansion of the SpaceTime outward (Dark Energy) fueled by the contraction of SpaceTime inward (Dark Matter) dynamic as an expression of the ISL that we are here to ponder knowing anything at all!

Alright! I'm trying to get this. How about again from another angle?
~Here is a copy of my Concluding Remarks in MathspeedST: Leapfrogging LightspeedST FASTER Than The Speed Of Light ebook (free!).

The Bigger Picture

What if we have been looking at this all wrong?

The history of science—which is really the history of discovery—has certainly been marked by some keen observations. Generally, these observations have brought together disparate threads into one cohesive fabric—Galileo, Newton and Einstein come to mind, amongst a horde of others. Mostly, the mathematics in the end, tie it altogether. It is used in the processes of description-quantitation, analysis and ultimately, proofs. With a few exceptions—like Paul Dirac’s mathematical prediction of the yet unknown anti-electron (positron)—the math rides along as the “language” of science, and, like the letters, words, sentences and paragraphs of our written language, it describes and communicates the thoughts and ideas of the writer—and not the other way around.

What do you mean by “and not the other way around?”

Is it possible, that in the Universe, the mathematics doesn’t play second fiddle as some king of invention by humans to describe the “real” Universe?

Is it possible, that the mathematics not only plays first fiddle, it also sets the tone and harmony—it is the composer, conductor and choirmaster all rolled into one?

The fixed, mathematical relationships of the BBS-ISL matrix are the given mathematical sub-structure that exists on its own below the Observable Universe, but in every sense of the word informs the expression of that Observable Universe.

The fact that the BBS-ISL matrix is everywhere—ubiquitous—informing the very creation of spacetime—means it does not travel—not really, anyway—as it is already there!

What do you mean “it is already there?”

It’s already there in that a fixed relationship between the numbers of the BBS-ISL matrix are already there. The relationship—and thus the quantifying number(s)—is already there. From any possible spot, now and in the future, the relationships between all the possible numbers in the BBS-ISL matrix are instantly, ubiquitously and forever known. One can euphemistically that “MathspeedST” travels faster than the speed of light—and it does, but only in the sense that it is already there.

But I thought nothing could travel faster than the speed of light?

Isn’t lightspeed the ultimate top speed that any thing—that being a photon as a single quantum piece of spacetime expression (information)—can attain?

Yes! That’s exactly right within the confines of spacetime expression in our Observable Universe. But here is where we look at it all from a completely different prospective—outside of spacetime.

In the non-observable universe—call it infinity (-) space—there is NO spacetime, NO matter, NO photons, NO lightspeed. There is only the energy of information and it is in the form of mathematical information. It is ubiquitous and all knowing in the sense that its BBS-ISL matrix is ubiquitously present and thus “known” everywhere as the ultimate accountant of the whole Universe—both Observable (+space) and non-observable infinity (-) space.

It is as the ultimate accountant that the mathematical BBS-ISL matrix establishes the conservation (energy, charge, momentum, spacetime, lightspeedST) laws. It informs and allows the expression of energy, matter, waves, momentum, force, lightspeed, etc as incarnations of spacetime formation. And it does so with a strict accounting scheme governed behind the scenes by the BBS-ISL matrix. It never violates the laws of our Observable Universe simply because it created them in the first place—and will continue to do so. If it is faster than lightspeedST that’s because it was already there—both at the beginning space and time of the lightspeedST at one pulse-propagation point and at its next—and next, and next,…—because it is already there. In the “world” of MathspeedST there is no “real” space and time as spacetime. In MathspeedST, the only ST are the BBS-ISL matrices that ubiquitously inform all possible points of reference.

Now, it is the office of us mere mortals collectively harvesting the data that the Observable Universe presents to decipher the cause and effect of the multitude of competing, interfering BBS-ISL matrices that lie below—or is it behind—or above—or out of site.

Rethinking the profound concept that information exists before the formation of spacetime—that MathspeedST is in effect traveling faster than LightspeedST—will alter everything we thought we knew while at the same time helping us understand that which we did not!

Dark matter=dark energy (the inverse of), anyone?


What's this ebook thing? Does everyone have to write a book now?
~Hold on, pal! Sometimes we write up something just to bring together a number of works to share with those interested. This MathspeedST ebook is just that. An aggregation of earlier works brought together in a single unifying format with some interactive extras. The book is free. Here is the Statement and Description:


Introducing MathspeedST, an ebook. MathspeedST is the complement to LightspeedST (published in June, 2013).

While LightspeedST addressed the ultimate question: “Why is the speed of light constant?” MathspeedST addresses the fundamental, underlying question: “How can information be ubiquitous, effectively traveling FASTER than the speed of light?”

LightspeedST describes how the formation of spacetime (ST) is intimately tied to the speed of light—all within the Observable Universe.

In the Observable Universe, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light—and this includes any information contained within a tangible form.

In order to satisfy a higher rule, The Conservation of Energy—you know, energy (along with its progeny: momentum, charge, spin, etc.) can neither be net created nor destroyed—clearly a mechanism must be in place to account for the distribution of said energy. Not only that, but such mechanism must do the accounting before—not after—the fact. Enter MathspeedST.

MathspeedST: Leapfrogging Lightspeed FASTER than The Speed of Light provides the fundamental mathematical basis—lying hidden below—for the accounting and distribution of all spacetime and its subsequent expression as energy, matter and fields in the Observable Universe above.

This freely available interactive ebook brings together under one publication the Brooks (Base) Square-Inverse Square Law, or BBS-ISL matrix for short, under the title MathspeedST. It includes hundreds of images, a number of videos and lots of test-yourself, interactive widgets in presenting the derivation, layout, rules, patterns and ISL-derived mathematical basis of the matrix. Ages 8–10 and up.

A new paradigm in the visualization of basic mathematics is presented!.

Multi-touch, interactive eBook: MathspeedST: The eBook


Although MathspeedST began as a simple project to visualize the Inverse Square Law (ISL)—and, indeed, the Brooks (Base) Square-Inverse Square Law (BBS-ISL) matrix that resulted provides a solid, completely fixed grid of unique number relationships—it is to the fundamental, underlying question: “How can information be ubiquitous—here, there and everywhere— effectively traveling FASTER than the speed of light?” that this work addresses.

And, while some 200+ images, including over 100 interactive widgets, 8 videos, a reference-like glossary and a number of supplemental works, all work toward helping you, dear reader, understand how the “Rules”—rules that are really just descriptors of some of the basic layouts and patterns within the matrix—reveal how such a simple ISL-based grid can have so many nearly magical relationships between numerical quantities, it is the application of this phenomenally beautiful fractal-like framework to the Conservation Laws that define our physical reality according to the Standard Model of Quantum Mechanics, that shines forth.

Because line-, shape- area-, volume- penta-, Pythagorean-, exponential-, Fibonacci- and prime number-relationships (to name a few), are all covered in detail, you will get a firm mathematical foundation to build your appreciation of the sublimely harmonious relationships between the grid cells within the matrix—ultimately realizing that because every cell is uniquely defined with only a single number, the entire BBS-ISL matrix is: • fixed • ubiquitous • instant • all-knowing (in a mathematical sense) • ISL-based.

Knowing any one spot on the matrix provides you with instant knowledge of every other spot—regardless of size!

So why is this important?

Underlying the physical reality of our Observable Universe, must be some form of an accounting and distribution mechanism that allows for the flux of energy, charge, momentum, lightspeed, and spacetime (ST) itself, to be expressed while strictly adhering to the Conservation Laws. That mechanism—containing the five necessary attributes listed above—is the BBS-ISL matrix and MathspeedST is your gateway entry.

As a complementary work to LightspeedST (the Observable Universe above), MathspeedST defines the hidden, dark matter-dark energy Universe below.

No, this is not a religious work—though the parallels have not gone unnoticed. This is mathematics—pure and simple. Clear, concise and applicable.

If you take a gallon of ice cream (Energy), you can divide it up anyway you like—but you are still left with a gallon of ice cream. Hooray for ice cream!

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. The Underlying Question 3. TAOST (The Architecture Of SpaceTime) 4. TCAOP(The Complete Absence Of Primes) 5. Interconnectedness 6. Conclusion 7. Links & References 8. Appendix 9. Dyamic Interactive BBS-ISL matrix 10. Numbers of Inevitability 11. AFPOP: A Fresh Piece Of Pi(e)…and the Square Root of 2, too. 12. Next: BBS - ADVANCED (preview) 13. Review

Platforms: This is a multi-touch, interactive ebook made with iBooks Author and published in the Apple iBookstore. Currently, it requires an iPad, or OS Mavericks running on a Mac, and the free iBooks app to download and read..

~ MathspeedST: Leapfrogging Lightspeed FASTER than The Speed of Light ebook
~ LightspeedST: Leapfrogging @ The Speed of Light ebook
T H E   U B I Q U I T O U S   I N F O R M A T I O N    O F    N U M B E R S white paper
~ MathspeedST: Leapfrogging Lightspeed FASTER than The Speed of Light movies
The contents of both MathspeedST and LightspeedST can be viewed as White Papers in the Art Theory 101 links below.

OK, so much for your books — even the free one. Right now, I want to leave this page chunk full of goodness! Can you say this in any other plain speak way?
~Fair enough. I am going to present it to you in two ways: From the Top Down as in from the grandchild to the child to the parent (or the twig to the branch to the trunk of the tree), and, from the Bottom Up, from the parents to the children (trunk to twigs).

Let's do the Bottom UP first:

  • -a single (parent) BBS-ISL matrix defines the total Universe — seen and unseen — as the overall distribution of Energy;

  • -all subsequent formations and expressions of lightspeed spacetime (lightspeedST) are ultimately a consequence of this original matrix;

  • -because every cell within the expanding matrix is uniquely occupied by a fixed and known number, every possible cell number from the start to the outer edges of the matrix is automatically known;

  • -sub-dividing the parent BBS-ISL matrix into generations of child-grandchild matrices occurs only within the total Energy constraints of the parent matrix (Conservation of Energy);

  • -every subset matrix — i.e. every pulse-propagating ST unit expressed as matter and/or field Energy generates its own subset matrix — while following its own BBS-ISL local matrix, is itself confined to the restrictions/limitations of the parent matrix cell from which it was derived (GUR);

  • -the built-in constraints of the Conservation of Energy and the GUR assigns the BBS-ISL matrix as both the cause and effect of Dark Matter and Dark Energy;

  • -because ultimately the Conservation of ST is at the core of the Conservation of Energy, areas of relatively high-Energy density demonstrating ST contraction (Dark Matter) are counter-balanced by areas of relatively low-Energy density ST expansion (Dark Energy);

  • -Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of), as DM/DE = 1.

Condensed version: All spatial events are simultaneously temporal events. At any given time event, the Energy of that spatial event must, in sum with all other events, add up to the same, constant total Energy. (see image 1)

This can represent the unfolding of the entire cosmos (Big Bang +) and as the sum over averages of the 10Nth individual P-Ps of ST units. If one knows the numerical value — place within the grid — of any one "cell," one knows the corresponding numerical value — place — of every other "cell." One ubiquitously knows "all" the information about the distribution of all Energies — represented by the numerical values within the "cells" — in all spaces and times (spacetimes).

Now for the Top Down:

  • -let's say you are a single free electron whisking about the Universe. You are an electron spacetime unit (electronST);

  • -as a ST unit, your existence comes about as a rhythmic series of pulse-propagations (P-P);

  • -from a Singularity (S) below your local Planck Event Horizon (PEH) — and thus unseen — you P-P outward past the PEH to fulfill your peak ST unit form and then immediately collapse back to your S. Repeat;

  • -this P-P rhythm is determined by your ST unit identity — wavelength and frequency;

  • -your ST unit identity is your mass, charge and spin value parameters that are an expression of your part of the total Energy (see LightspeedST for more);

  • -every P-P of your electron ST unit generates its own (subset) BBS-ISL matrix — and every cell within that matrix grid is uniquely occupied by a known, fixed number;

  • -like ripple-waves from a thrown rock skipping over a smooth water surface, each subset matrix formed develops its own grid identity that subsequently becomes intermingled with others, generating interference effects;

  • -knowing every number value of every part of every wave as it constructively/destructively interferes with other matrices is precisely how every subset BBS-ISL matrix instantly and knowingly communicates back to the parent matrix;

  • -the parent BBS-ISL matrix is the singular, original matrix that defines the total overall Energy — and its distribution — of the Universe;

  • -Dark Energy and Dark Matter are simply the natural expressions of this Energy ST distribution: High-Energy density ST contraction "here" leads to low-Energy ST expansion "there."

Condensed version: The BBS-ISL matrix is a natural Fractal Generator, forming fractals within fractals, within fractals. (see image 2)

If the given total Energy sum is one, ∑ = 1, it falls off with distance,d, as per the BBS-ISL. If the given Energy is divided in half (1/2), the total Energy, E is the same, as ∑ = 2 x 1/2 = 1. If the given Energy is further divided in half (1/2), or now 1/4 of E, the total ∑ = 4 x 1/4 = 1 is the same, and so on. As the "one" is subdivided, its total individual Energy will always, in the aggregate, sum up to ∑ = "one"= 1. Knowing any twig, branch, limb or trunk of the tree is ubiquitously knowing "all" the tree. The tree = 1 over time.

gulp... Yeah, I got it!

What's for dinner?

Whose your mamma?

Why is a circle round?
Ok, so let's change the metaphor.

  • -You are in a nice candlelit Italian restaurant that you know well.

  • -You've come early, before they have even opened. Together you sit at your favorite table while they are unfolding the B&W checkered tablecloths.

  • -As the checkered cloth settles on your table, you ask her to close her eyes and randomly place her finger on the cloth.

  • -With her eyes still closed, you reveal to her that she is touching a black square and ask, "Can you tell me what shade, black or white, are each of the remaining squares on the cloth?"

  • -"Of course, silly! After all, they do follow a pattern!"

  • -You reply, "What if the tablecloth was still folded?"

  • -Doesn't matter, silly! The pattern remains the same!"

  • -"What if the tablecloth was extended across the Universe?"

  • -"Doesn't matter, silly! The pattern remains the same! Knowing one square instantly and ubiquitously gives me information about the black or whiteness of every other possible square! It's like information traveling faster than the speed of light! It's like mathspeedST!

  • -You tease her with the following, "What if the B&W checkered tablecloth matrix grid was replaced with the BBS-ISL matrix grid? You know, the one with all the fixed, constant and known numbers?"

  • -"Doesn't matter, silly!" The pattern remains the same, albeit now the pattern is one of known numbers instead of known shades!"

  • -She continues, "The B&W squares are like "0s" and "1s" in computer code. In the tablecloth, they are simply following an alternating pattern, yet the cloth really is a demonstration of a simple code pattern. You want to see real computing power, try building your code pattern on all the whole integer numbers. Now put those into a solid, fixed relationship pattern and you end up with the BBS-ISL matrix grid. Now that's a real computer!"

  • -"Isn't that kind of complicated? I thought Nature was simple?"

  • -"Silly, Nature enjoys richness and complexity by means of the infinite combinational possibilities of simple things and nothing is simpler than numbers, 1, 2,3,....

  • -"Besides," she said, "if you want that Seafood Marinara pasta and wine dinner, you need to set the table!"

  • -Seeing that she is on a roll, he asks, "Back to the B&W checkered tablecloth, what if the patterned lines that form the squares were moveable as straight lines and you move them close together on one corner of the cloth — what would happen on the other corners?"

  • -Well, silly, obviously if the line pattern on the fixed area of the cloth itself was contracted — acting like Dark Matter —on one corner, the exposed area between the lines on the other corners would be expanded — acting like Dark Energy — giving us the Conservation of SpaceTime (area of the squares) as the core of the Conservation of Energy! Now, let's eat! I'm hungary!"

  • -"Why couldn't of you have just said so at the start?"

  • -"I did, you just weren't listening, silly!"



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