BIM + PT + Decagon (double Pentagons)

NEW! Connections between:

1. BIM (BBS-ISL Matrix) + PTs (Pythagorean Triples)

2. PT + Pentagon & Decagon (double pentagons of DNA)

3. BIM + PT + DNA

4. BIM + PT + DNA + Zika Virus (cryo-em imagery)

It is suggested in the previous work that the pentagonal geometry of the virus allows it to insert itself within the decagonal geometry of our DNA, perhaps spiraling in along the DNA double-helical axis, looking for a simple match opening!

In this work, a closer look at how the base 3-4-5 PT relates to the pentagon, double-pentagon (decagon) and the 3 concentric decagonal geometry found in the axial view of the DNA double-helix molecule will be visually examined.

BIM_PT_Pentagons from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

BIM + PT + Decagon (double Pentagons of the DNA double-helix)

See a full slideshow of the BIM + PT + Decagon : here

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Comment: Here we continue with TPISC: The Pythagorean - Inverse Square Connection. This time looking for a connection between the 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triple and the concentric, decagons (double pentagons) that form the geometric structure of the DNA double-helix molecule as view down its axis composited from 1 full, 360 degree spiral.

While emphatically NOT AN EXACT MATCH, the 3-4-5 PT is ridiculously close to being an exact match both from the the angles of a given pentagon to that of the decagon and most especially connecting key angles and vertices between the concentric decagons.

In 2001, I wrote up “GoDNA: the Geometry of DNA (axial view),” and, “SCoDNA: Structure & Chemistry of DNA” about the pure double-pentagon (decagon) geometry of the double-helix molecule. It is the basis for the concentric decagonal geometry — acting a template.

The question remains: is the "ridiculously close to being an exact match" good enough — sufficient enough — to define an actual connection between the BIM + PT, and, the decagon? Does this slight wiggle room actually allow for the connection to be made within the organic presentation and interaction of Nature. "Soft geometry" versus the crisp, hard-edged, no room for anything less than perfect fits "hard geometry" of pure mathematics? Are the strict mathematics that informs all of spacetime operative in a slightly looser, more generous manner in the actual physical manifestations of the organic world of Nature? Are not the Fibonacci sequence numbers of the Golden Mean "approximations" to the actual value of the irrational number, phi (Φ)? (for more on 5, Φ and pentagons see "The Golden Number.")

There is a long history of documentation relating phi (Φ), the Fibonacci numbers, and the pentagonal geometry of the pentagon, decagon, icosahedron and dodecahedron, as well as Kepler's Triangle. There is also a history relating the Fibonacci numbers series to the Pythagorean Triples. While those histories are not repeated here, some comments and valuable links are presented on this page. See more... here!

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