BIM + PT + DNA + Zika Virus

NEW! Connections between:

1. BIM (BBS-ISL Matrix) + PTs (Pythagorean Triples)

2. PT + Pentagon & Decagon (double pentagons of DNA)

3. BIM + PT + DNA

4. BIM + PT + DNA + Zika Virus (cryo-em imagery)

It is suggested that the pentagonal geometry of the virus allows it to insert itself within the decagonal geometry of our DNA, perhaps spiraling in along the DNA double-helical axis, looking for a simple match opening!

BIM + PT + DNA + Zika from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

BIM + PT + DNA + Zika virus

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Comment: In pushing for a further connection between pure, elemental natural whole integer numbers and the simple geometry that they inform, I was looking for a straightforward connection between the BIM, the PTs, and the pentagons as the BIM heavily favors the 5 resonance (base 10).

Waiting in the dentist’s office, I saw the magnificent imagery of the Zika virus as generated from the Nobel Winning cryo-electron micrograph imaging technique right there in the pages of the latest National Geographic.

The pentagonal structure of the Zika Virus leaped out and rang up all sorts of bells.

In 2001, I wrote up “GoDNA: the Geometry of DNA (axial view),” and, “SCoDNA: Structure & Chemistry of DNA” about the pure double-pentagon (decagon) geometry of the double-helix molecule. Surely, there is a connection between these two geometries: both based on the pentagon!

We know viruses insert themselves into the chromosome and redirect it to make copies of itself (and more).

That the 3-4-5 fundamental PT — parent to all subsequent PTs (both primitive and non-primitive) — nicely (though NOT PERFECTLY) matches the angles and slopes of the pentagon and decagon, gives one wonder if the simple geometries of the Inverse Square Law (BIM) and those ever so simple Pythagorean Triples might be in the perfect position to inform the formation of the pentagonal geometry that itself informs so much of the sublime beauty and structure we see manifested throughout the cosmos!

Would not the highly geometric viral population be of the same or similar geometry of the host population it exploited to its own ends?

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Cryo-em Structure of Zika Virus

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