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BIM+PT (2018) Introduction
from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

Part of TPISC III: Clarity
TPISC IV: Details

Copyright 2018, Reginald Brooks,
Brooks Design. All rights reserved.


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A brief synopsis...

Along the way, several new and very exciting findings have popped up! It's just like the BIM to just keep on giving!


Here is the thing. Amongst a myriad of other connections, there exist an intimate connection between three number systems:

  1. The ISL as laid out in the BIM;
  2. PTs — and most especially PPTs — as laid out on the BIM;
  3. The PRIME numbers — PRIMES — as laid out on the BIM.

The BIM is the FIXED GRID numerical array of the ISL.

Amongst its vast array of inter-connecting Number Pattern Sequences (NPS) — i.e., number systems — two such systems stick out and do so in such an overtly visual — as well as mathematical — way that their connection to each other is more than implied.

You see, both the PPTs and PRIMES strictly align themselves on the SAME paths within the BIM.

Now, their footprints upon these paths are not identical, yet their paths chosen are. If you divide the number array — i.e., the Inner Grid numbers — of the BIM by 24, a Sub-Matrix 1 grid is formed.

Upon that Sub-Matrix 1, pathways are formed on every ODD Axis number NOT ÷3. EVERY PPT and PRIME lies on these paths!

Yes, while in the details we show how:

  1. The 1st Col. on the BIM — that which is the square of the Axis number (i.e., the Prime Diagonal number) - 1, when then ÷ by 24, equals a Whole Integer Number (WIN);
  2. This defines the path — the 'Active Row'upon the BIM;
  3. While every Active Row path may or may not contain a PPT and/or PRIME, every PPT and/or PRIME is ALWAYS located on one of these paths;
  4. The difference (∆) between the squares of any two PRIMES (>5) is also ÷24;
  5. The serial — and exponential — products of ANY and ALL PPTs remain PPTs, whilst those NOT remain NOT.

Furthermore, by distilling the BIM to Sub-Matrix 2 — i.e., every number across a Row is progressively divided by a growing sequence series starting with the Col. 1 as the Axis number - 1 — every such serial-exponential PPT is clearly predicted by its neighbors within the sequence. One more example of the extremely intimate relationship between The Pythagorean - Inverse Square Connection (TPISC).

One simply can not ignore how the PRIMES, the PTs and ultimately the ISL define the architecture of SpaceTime!

In the original MathspeedST, an artificial division was made, separating the content into:

  1. TAOST, The Architecture Of SpaceTime,
  2. TCAOP, The Complete Absence Of Primes.

Now we have come full circle.

ALL PRIMES and ALL PPTs follow — although individually with their own respective footprints — the SAME, HIGHLY PATTERNED NPS path on the BIM.

This is no coincidence. The ÷24 Active Row Pattern that defines this path on the BIM does so in a highly ordered pattern. The energy density that expresses itself as curved ST does so precisely by the numerical architect of the built-in ISL.

We now have some very strong evidence that the numbers that define the PPTs and the numbers that define the PRIMES are ubiquitously linked throughout the entire number pattern array that defines the ISL. This is revealed on the BIM!

Surely their interplay provides some very significant contributions to the overall Architecture of SpaceTime!


BIM_PT_PRIMES_24 from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

BIM + PT + DNA + Zika from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

for more on the "BIM + PT + DNA + Zika virus"

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