TPISC IV: Details, DSEQEC and PRIMES eBook

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*TPISC ( pisque—silent “T”): *The Pythagorean — Inverse Square Connection


A simple curiosity on how even simpler Whole Integer Numbers (WINs), when squared, form a law that rules the Universe — indeed, SpaceTime (ST) itself — has been a source of awe and wonder for quite some time. This is the Inverse Square Law (ISL). BIM (BBS-ISL Matrix) is the matrix grid that mathematically describes the ubiquitous nature of the ISL.

The “inverse” means it’s per area. When the WINs are squared, you get the area.

The forms and forces of Nature obey the ISL. The initial concentration of an impulse or influence of energy dissipates in a known manner as it expands out from its source. A wonderful and ubiquitous law in forming the ST that builds the Universe. And it doesn’t even need to travel to get there…it is known!

Now, on top of this beautiful law and all the magnificent forms and expressions it can offer, comes yet another sublimely beautiful law — or theorem — that also relates areas to significant form — the Pythagorean Theorem: the long, hypotenuse side squared = the sum of the two squared shorter sides of a 90°-right triangle.

When these triangles are made solely of WINs, we have Pythagorean Triples (PTs).

The PTs are a major subset of the ISL and as such are both infinite in number and ubiquitous in distribution along with the ISL. Their structural beauty lies in the fractal-nodes of slight asymmetry they give to the expanding expression of the ISL. They give new forms!

Not only can these PT fractals be located throughout the ISL Matrix, together they form a linked structure relating all the parts to the whole, in the form the Tree of Primitive Pythagorean Triples (ToPPT).

This clarity and simplification of form has become the focus of this work. The non-isosceles right triangles, rectangles and ovals of the ToPPT join with the isosceles right triangles, squares and circles of the ISL to generate our ST Universe — giving expression to the Universal mathematical constructs.


TPISC IV contains all of the above plus:

  • PTOP (Periodic Table Of PRIMES) & the Goldbach Conjecture;
  • PRIMES On the BIM, and;
  • *DESQEC & CaCoST;
  • as well as “details” of the earlier TPISC I-III works.

*DSEQEC (Double-Slit Experiment—Quantum Entanglement Conjecture); CaCoST (Creation and Conservation of SpaceTime).

Details: here we examine the little devils more closely!


This is the 10th ebook on MAP: mathematics—art—physics. All are available in Apple Books.

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Yes, a deceptively simple matrix grid square (BIM) can give us:

1. Inverse Square Law (ISL);

2. Pythagorean Triples (PTs);

3. PRIMES (P)- Goldbach Conjecture!


This is an additional supplement to the MathspeedST ebook.

Other titles include The Pythagorean-Inverse Square Connection (TPISC):

TPISC I: Basics

TPISC II: Advanced

TPISC III: Clarity and the Tree of Primitive Pythagorean Triples



PTOP (Periodic Table Of PRIMES) and the Goldbach Conjecture



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