DSEQEC (Double-Slit Experiment - Quantum Entanglement Conjecture) and CaCoST (Creation and Construction of SpaceTime) eBook

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DSEQEC: The Double-Slit Experiment & Quantum Entanglement Conjecture.

The DSEQEC states that the two are really just two sides of the same coin. Both being explained by the BIM and BIMtree.

Aside from the more modern dilemma of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, there are two major — and largely unanswered — questions that have historically persisted to this day at the heart of the Standard Model and its description by Quantum Mechanics: the Double-Slit Experiment and Quantum Entanglement.

The geometry of ST formation generates descriptive parameters referred to as quantum numbers or their quantum number state — unique identifiers for each and every subatomic particle. These wave-particle ST units exhibit unusual and non-intuitive behaviors that reveal a connection to each other below the physical reality we observe. The Conjecture is that that underlying connection is the BIM and BIMtree geometry that informs the creation and disposition of ALL ST — including their quantum number state identifiers.

The implications for this dual Matter-Anti-Matter alternating "current" of p-p ST units — here it is the photon, but it holds for all ST units — are far and wide. The troubling and poorly understood Double-Slit Experiments were trying to tell us something all along. Our one-sided perception of "reality" was just that: one sided! Of course actual experimentation was showing us, or at least providing some clues, that there is more to the story than just one side. That a single photon can actually demonstrate interference is exactly what it should be knowing that the Universe is actually a dual, two-sided alternating "reality.


Where did all the anti-matter go? No where! Its "hiding" right where it has been since the inflationary, Big-Bang!

The other side of the DSE coin is Quantum Entanglement. As the model is demonstrating, every ST unit is both entangled as part of its generating p-p, and, that pulse itself alternately reveals itself in OV/AV. Entanglement is both part of the ST unit structure and part of the "expression", the latter p-p into and out of the OV-Matter and AV-Anti-Matter continuum as a necessary and most efficient means to balance the accounting ledgers of the Conservation Laws — not the least of which is that of the Creation and Conservation of SpaceTime (CaCoST).

As the Universe is a numbers game, we naturally must distill down to the fundamental numbers and the system that guides them, to get any real traction on the overall Cosmos. In LightspeedST, MathspeedST and all its supplemental works on Pythagorean Triples and PRIMES, that guiding system points back to the unifying Inverse Square Law — a simple law that relates number quantities such as amounts and distribution — densities — over time.

BIM (BBS-ISL Matrix) provides the "information" — ubiquitously known throughout the Cosmos — template that guides its formation and conservation.

What has been emphasized before, must again be restated: the BIM (BBS-ISL Matrix) that presents the Inverse Square Law (ISL), is so fundamentally at ground zero that the connections and interconnections it keeps on revealing between the Pythagorean Triples and the PRIMES more than suggests a key relationship to the Construction and Conservation of SpaceTime (CaCoST)— it is SpaceTime.

And as such, any deconstruction and elucidation of the fundamental nature of Quantum Mechanics — as in the Double-Slit Experiment and the Quantum Entanglement Conjecture (DSEQEC) — will necessarily be fundamentally about the ISL — and the ISL as seen on the BIM!

Resistance is futile! 

Of greater significance is the underlying theme here: Nature works with simple numbers, amounts and qualities to generate a rich, complex, inter-connected and harmonious “system” by means of symmetry, repetition, re-iteration and scale to inform what we think of as our “Universe!

What is being suggested here is that our “Universe” is really only part of the larger Cosmos — or SpaceTime Continuum — that is fundamentally bi-polar.

Our “Universe” and all that “matter” is but half of the full Continuum, the “other” half being all that “anti-matter,” reverse charge and spin “-Universe” that co-exists in space and time.

Entanglement ensures that the “accounting” for the Conservation Laws — energy, momentum, angular momentum, charge — remains in balance, ultimately through the Conservation of SpaceTime!


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Yes, a deceptively simple matrix grid square (BIM) can give us:

1. Inverse Square Law (ISL);

2. Pythagorean Triples (PTs);

3. PRIMES (P)- Goldbach Conjecture!


This is an additional supplement to the MathspeedST ebook.

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