art theory 101~ The LUFE Matrix: distilling SI quantities into ST dimensions

The LUFE Matrix:

The distillation of System International (SI) units into more fundamentally base units of Space-Time (ST) dimensions

Short Title: The Multi-dimensional LUFE Matrix


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Geometry- Space Or Time Axis (SOTA)-Page 6b



SI Units                                                                                     page 6d

SI Quantities                                                                                            page 6e


Geometry- Space Or Time Axis (SOTA)-Page 6b

The LUFE Matrix Graphic Dynamics

Digital version for the computer: grays-inactive, color-active


On this page we will look at how pure Space Or Time Areas are designated on the matrix. We will show activation of a SOTA by lighting up its axial color. We will also show its SOTA spread linearly towards its theoretical infinity to show that at any point where it may encounter a perpendicular cross-thread from its counterpoint axis, a STID area would be formed (which we will examine on the next page-6c).

In graphic #14 we have an example of a single space dimension going vertical. In #15, two single space dimensions add up to form a SII SOTA. In #16, we have volume, SIII. The other side of the coin, so to speak, is shown in #17-19. Here lies per length (1/SI), per area (1/SII), and per volume (1/SIII).

#20 shows a SOTA of 1/TI. This little area is occupied by a number of SI units, as we will soon find out on SI Units and SI Quantities pages. Included are per second, frequency, and temperature to name a few. To note here is sometimes we may designate a SOTA by color alone with no spatial extension to infinity. Sometimes when you are running out of space, literally, on your graphic presentation of the LUFE Matrix, you may find yourself making up little abbreviations and shorter workarounds to accomplish the same task. That's ok. Just do yourself a favor and keep it consistent. #21 repeats 1/TI in the conventional way.


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Geometry: Space Or Time Areas (SOTA)
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the LUFE Matrix
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Space Or Time Areas                      
# description ST unit


1-space dimension



2-space dimensions



3-space dimensions



per 1-space D



per 2-space D



per 3-space D



per 1-time D:
Ex.- per second,
per degree, or
x frequency



per 1-time D



per 2-time D



1-time dimension



2-time dimensions


Remember the first four "Rules of the Matrix."
1.-The area on the matrix defines the physical quantity and units .
2.-All net areas and spaces are counted from the origin, 0.
3.Pure spatial or temporal dimensions never appear by themselves in a quadrant.
4.-It is only in perpendicular combination(s) that space and time dimensions dynamically interact to form ST interactional dimensions (STID).



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