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All works acrylic on canvas scroll paintings . Click image to enlarge

diptych, Emergence, I + II "Emergence, I and II (diptych)"
40" x 56" each
diptych, Emergence, I of II "Emergence, I of II (diptych)"
40" x 56" each
diptych, Emergence, II of II "Emergence, II of II (diptych)"
40" x 56" each
Emergence, I of II (detail) "Emergence, I of II (detail)"
40" x 56" each
Emergence, II of II (detail) "Emergence, II of II (detail)"
40" x 56" each

Emergence,I-II-S from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

Édouard Manet's, "Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets" (1872) anchors "Emergence, I and II."

Manet's "Déjeuner sur l'herbe" ("Luncheon on the Grass") (1862) and "Olympia" (1863) are considered pivotal works challenging the esthetic, and the attendant attitudes, of the male gaze...pre-dating the Women's Liberation Movement by a century.

Berthe Morisot was a well-regarded impressionist painter who exchanged artistic sensibilities with Manet, who later became her brother-in-law.

"Emergence" brings that sensibility to our unabashed post-modern...or is it post-post-modern...view of the world. Progress, as is so often the case, occurs in waves. The pulse-propagating form of the painting diptych depicts the rhythmic and granular presentation of SpaceTime...from obscurity to presence and back to obscurity. Emergence is thus a continuing theme whose evolution, advancement and inevitability mark the present presence...whenever it may be.

"Emergence" consists of two acrylic on canvas works of the same dimensions and referred to as "Emergence, I" and "Emergence, II." Each represents a "wave" of western cultural attitudes...a sort of "then" and "now." It is driven by the ideas behind rhythmic, pulsing, emerging-reemerging forms, ideas and energies of resonances. It also continues a long history of work around the central theme: “~breathe~A Celebration of Women.”

This short music video “EMERGENCE, I & II ~resistance is futile~” is a simple animation of the ideas presented here.

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