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 "TPISC V: PRIMES (The Pythagorean-Inverse Square Connection)" (2019-22)

    "TPISC IV: Details (The Pythagorean-Inverse Square Connection)" (2018-20)

    "TPISC III: Clarity (The Pythagorean-Inverse Square Connection)" (2017-18)

    "TPISC II (The Pythagorean-Inverse Square Connection"(2017)

    "TPISC I (The Pythagorean-Inverse Square Connection"(2016)

     "HHYSMF"(2015-19)    "Color Studies"(2015-22) 
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"TPISC III: Clarity-1"
acrylic on polyethylene
25" x 40"
"TPISC III: Clarity-2"
acrylic on polyethylene
25" x 40"
"TPISC III: Clarity-3"
acrylic and ink on polyester
48" x 55"
"TPISC III: Clarity-4"
acrylic and ink on polyethylene
44" x 54"
"TPISC III: Clarity-5 series"
digital painting series
various sizes
"TPISC III: Clarity-6"
acrylic and ink on polyester
44" x 54"
"TPISC III: Clarity-7"
acrylic and ink on polyester
44" x 54" to TPISC Media Center

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